I’m getting a little worried. I have a few tiny zits, one close to my nose, and two under my lips. They are not inflamed, so that’s good, but they shouldn’t be there at all. I have been using only my new salicylic acid in the morning, and still using the BP at night. I’ll keep you guys posted, but I want to use only a Regimen that keeps me completely clear, so the bar is set very high.

In a bigger picture framework, nothing ever seems to work as well as the Regimen. I have tried countless things over the years and every single time I go back to the Regimen. At some point you would think I’d give up and just do the Regimen, but for some reason I can’t stop experimenting. This is probably because I don’t want to use the Regimen forever! My dad still breaks out and is 60 years old, so the prospect of using the Regimen for another 30 years is tiring 🙂

So, I get my hopes up each time I try something new and they are consistently dashed. But I remain positive and forward thinking. Perhaps the SA product will work. I’ll keep trying for a while. Even if it doesn’t work, if we can get some collaborative technology implemented on Acne.org, we’ll be able to pool the collected learning of all of us, alongside the best minds in medicine, and perhaps come up with alternatives to the Regimen that also work 100% or close to it. Alternately, we may simply discover that the Regimen is the best we’ve got right now. In a worst case scenario, hopefully we can at least come up with alternate Regimens that work well enough so that people who are allergic to BP can use something that approximates the success of a precisely performed benzoyl peroxide Regimen.


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  • cool as kim deal

    I’ve read that like AHAs, though, BHA products (aka salicyclic acid) can take several months to show results since they are exfoliants. As we all know, too, changing your products or routine can result in temporary breakouts until the products kick in, so I really think once you find a formulation that you like that you’d need to stick with it for a few months before drawing conclusions. There’s also the possibility of using BHA at the same time as BP, no? I know in virtually all drugstore SA products that the formulations are too irritating for most people to use both simultaneous, but perhaps a pH appropriate, alcohol free, fragrance free, etc. salicyclic acid gel or liquid could be applied before BP, and then BP on top of that. SA penetrates the pore, so presumably the effect of the BP might even be enhanced–I’m seeing this to a small degree right now with jojoba oil, even. I’d really like to eventually replace my AHA product with a good BHA product and use it at the same time as BP, which is why I’m interested in this new SA formulation. I don’t see SA as a good treatment for inflammatory acne, but I think it could prevent some of it by unblocking follicles, and it certainly could take care of that common problem long-term regimen users sometimes report of comedones that take forever to go away and are unaffected by BP. Maybe your goal is to make a good standalone SA product, by I must confess that I’d really like one that plays nicely with BP and could be used as a supplement to the regimen in the same way AHA or jojoba oil is now–maybe you’ll work out one that is suited for both purposes?

  • arlene

    Benzoyl Peroxide worked for me for quite sometime, but the thing is, it always leaves the skin the look that i have had chickenpox. It burns the skin.

  • Twistie

    I switched to SA from BP and it seemed to clear me up at first….. after a few weeks it actually ended up breaking me out more…. so I switched back to BP. I think that BP making red spots brighter is a myth, I’ve actually always experienced the opposite.

  • Allergic to Benzoyl Perioxide

    Hey there. I used the Regimen and benzoyl peroxide successfully for 5 years before I developed an allergy to benzoyl peroxide a year ago. I have since then tried almost everything else the dermatologist has suggested and my acne is awful and my skin is always super irritated. I am just looking for any suggestions on alternative treatments to Benzoyl Peroxide. It seems like maybe there aren’t any other than accutane . . .