For some reason I can’t stop changing the homepage 🙂 But I think it keeps getting better. I know you probably don’t care, but humor me and let me know what you think of it this way if you get a chance. I moved the Mission Statement up to the top, changed it from yellow to blue, and put a shadow behind it. Then I moved the Community up and moved the Regimen down. I also coupled the products with the Regimen in the same box. When I say “I”, I of course mean “Joel and I” since Joel makes it all happen.


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  • dwausa

    Personally I think you should have the order go:

    Mission Statement
    Blog | We Support…

    • Anonymous

      agreed wuith dwausa…

  • Alex

    agreed wuith dwausa…

  • Kayteedid

    the website looks great. There is NOTHING I hate more than trying to navigate through a poorly organized site, and yours is definitely cohesive and well laid out.