Something I find very cool about running a business is being able to affect the sustainability policies of partner companies. Sustainability basically means fulfilling our needs today without jeopardizing the health and well being of future generations. It is a huge movement in business and I believe the way business will be performed in the future. I was active in environmental organizations in college and remain committed to working in that area. After all, when I think about it, I’m part of nature.

I have been diligent lately about requesting written environmental statements from partner companies. A friend of mine who works at a local business school that concentrates on sustainable business suggested I do this. I’ve found it is a great way to express my concern and get them involved. I received the first statement from our fulfillment house and posted it here.

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  • Desire~

    That’s really amazing that not only are thinking of the consumers,but the environment. It’s soo refreshing to see a business that’s not enitirely consumed with the only the emoney aspect.But one that has a heart and thinks of the future aswell 🙂