I am also waiting patiently to try the latest moisturizer sample. It was delivered FedEx to my door when I was not home, and it is simply not there. I don’t know if it was misdelivered or stolen. But I’m trying hard to breathe and practice patience. I will let you know how it is when I get it.

By the way, do you guys like hearing all my nitty gritty, or should I wait to update the blog until I have serious news to report?

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  • devon

    i really enjoy reading all the updates you write about the process. It may sound odd, but your products seem more personal and more valuable when I know exactly what went into the formulation process. Lost samples and all!

    I’m new to the site and your product lineup, just placed a second order. Really commend you for your effort and passion to the work.
    And I’m waiting eagerly for the new line-up of products, so I hope you continue to let us all know of your progress, no matter how tedious!