Two blog posts in one day. I am out of control. Anyhoo, I asked you guys last week what you thought of the homepage and how we could make it better. You gave me a bunch of great suggestions and Joel and I implemented some of them, such as making the community more prominent and moving the mission statement up toward the top. Thanks!


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  • Choclos

    That’s true Dan, 2 bloggy blogs, God! Dan is out of control! hehe

    When we think that this site is amazing, you let us know that it can be even better! Congrats to both of us, keep on doing such a great job! I’m proud of you guys…

  • Opportunity

    I like the revisions. You should probably capitalize the “S” in Mission Statement. I think it would look better.

  • Suzi

    I agree with the “S” in Mission Statement.
    Love the blog!