I wasn’t planning on updating the blog this often, but more stuff happened in the last day or two.

First, I’m hiring an administrative manager. I put an ad up on craigslist here. If you know any cool and talented people in San Francisco, please let them know.

Ain’t she purdy? I started selling this thing called “body buddy” which helps people apply skin care products to the back. People have been asking me for years how to reach the unreachable areas of the back to perform the back acne regimen and I finally have a good answer for them. My friend Debi discovered the body buddy at a skin care conference and told me about it. The body buddy company, who are really just a couple of people in Oklahoma, sent me a sample and it’s quite nice. It is made of a soft yet non-absorbent material so it doesn’t irritate. I dig it. If you end up trying it, please let me know what you think.

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  • Opportunity

    Body Buddy sounds very interesting. I am wondering if it really works as well as it has the potential to work. I am looking forward to maybe trying it in the future as well as hearing what people say about it.

    You must be so excited to have all of this happening! 🙂