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Basic Nutrition Aloe Vera Herbal Extract
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Basic Nutrition Aloe Vera Herbal Extract


Aloe Vera leaf extract.

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Basic Nutrition Aloe Vera Herbal Extract

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Basic Nutrition Aloe Vera Herbal Extract

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Reviewed on June 19, 2009

everyone is different because reading these reviews, some people seemed to have found an elixer but it was not so great for me. it softened my skin but caused me to break out so i had to quit it. its all good.

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Reviewed on May 24, 2009

I have moderate acne for at least four months know. And so i have my graduation coming in some weeks and i dont want to have pimples and walk around during grad. So my father told to use Aloe Vera that it will make my acne less noticable. At first i would not believe it. So i put some Aloe Vera goo at night and my gosh it does work i can totally see the difference the next day!

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Reviewed on May 8, 2009

I have moderately severe acne. Ive used this plant for 3 days now. Noticed a difference the first time i used it. This plant is honestly amazing. It heals whatever acne you have and stops the pain! Doesnt necessarily stop new acne from coming but it does fade red scars and discoloration and makes your skin soft. My skin is pretty much healed! Im really into health and doing things the natural way so i MOST DEFINITELY RECOMMEND TRYING THIS. but my acne just recently got really bad so i had to start doxycycline(antibiotic) I was pretty desperate and just started taking zinc(vitamin). soon will start taking many more vitamins that most of us with acne are lacking which could be one of the causes is to why our acne isnt healing and we cant get it under control. If you want to know more about vitamins and what foods to eat and not eat go to this website [link removed] and click on folk remedies. If you are desperate like me its worth a try!

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Reviewed on May 5, 2009

I started using fresh aloe from the plant 4 weeks back. I apply it 4-5 times in a day and rub it in gently. Your skin does purge initally and my skin was bad so the purging took almost 3-4 weeks. It is beginning to get better now. Forehead and chin are clear. only cheeks are a little inflamed and red but that is slowly fading.

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Reviewed on May 2, 2009

At home, I use aloe extract straight from the plant (have a large one in my garden). But I travel often, so I bought an aloe gel with pure aloe vera and anthemis nobilis flower extract. It works the same, only less messy.

Wash my face, dry, dab with my self-made-toner (drops of tea tree oil mix with water), use the aloe vera gel as moisturizer. It works!

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Reviewed on April 3, 2009

Stopped my acne completely. Sothes the skin and controls oil production

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Reviewed on March 26, 2009

I didn't use aloe extract but I decided to write a review anyway because I've been using 99% pure aloe gel which I bought from a spa place. Also, I've been using aloe day cream and aloe night cream from The Body Shop. (fyi, on [link removed], those creams have very few toxic ingredients so that might have contributed to clear skin). Aloe works well. However the gel bottle I bought was extremely expensive, It was near $200. I've always had really horrible skin. Major breakouts, huge pimples and zits and scars that never goes away but ever since I start using aloe, my skin gradually got better. Note: you'll need patience. It takes time for nice skin. Your skin doesn't grow a new layer overnight.

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Reviewed on March 20, 2009

I apply aloe to my entire face twice daily (about ten minutes after washing my face). My scars are fading and those pimples that do arise are quickly dealt with. In more than ten years of having acne, my face has never been better.

Some things:

the pimples or spots that do arise are caused by my picking. STOP PICKING. It's really hard but it's amazing how much your skin will improve. The good thing about aloe is that if I forget myself, the aloe soothes the inflammation.

combine this with a good exfoliator to get the dead skin cells off. Aloe can dry your skin out. Also, I do a honey mask (yep, just what it sounds like) whenever my skin feels inflamed, usually after wearing makeup, or when my skin is dry, for about 20 minutes.

exercise, eat lots of veggies and whole grains. It helps!

this has really been a wonderful treatment for me and it feels nice not to be covering my face with chemicals. But most importantly, Stop picking/touching/popping... Really

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Reviewed on March 15, 2009


So glad I used this plant. It really works wonders on the skin. Research the plant. You'll be so glad you did!!!

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Reviewed on February 26, 2009

I HAD severe acne(cystic) in which created many scars (pitted)-absolutely hate it!. It affected my confidence level down to 1 it seemed! I tried just about everything I could possibly imagine! Along w/new Acnefree severe skin treatment fr walmrt, I used aloe gel to heal redness and scars. Also used cider vinager to kill bacteria (really helps) and used homemade exfoliant (baking soda-not baking powder) to shed off old skin to treat my skin. I went all out. I also used a clay mask for oily skin (biore-) 3 times/wk to reduce oil. I had to used tons of daily regiments just for the stupid sh*** to jump off my face! I also take Vitamin B5 / Pantothenic Acid daily. The daily regiments worked. I had to do some major research! The bottom line is Aloe vera gel is helping my scars become less red and the healing process of old acne breakouts are going away! My poors are less visible as well, the aloe tightens my skin! it sounds like a lot but it cured my severe acne. Good luck!!!! I'm happy!