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Basic Nutrition Aloe Vera Herbal Extract
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Brand: Basic Nutrition

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Basic Nutrition Aloe Vera Herbal Extract


Aloe Vera leaf extract.

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Basic Nutrition Aloe Vera Herbal Extract

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Basic Nutrition Aloe Vera Herbal Extract

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Reviewed on November 1, 2009

Great healing plant. natural makes skin look better.

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Reviewed on October 10, 2009

I don't understand how these people are getting such weird side-effects, if they're using the plant and not the store-bought gel, which could easily have a lot of chemicals which cause allergic reactions. You should just sleep with it on your face at night, don't keep it on your face all day and go into public with aloe goo on your face... I know you want to heal your skin, but of course you're going to have problems that way.

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Reviewed on September 20, 2009

I use aloe leaves straight from my plants or buy giant ones for 1$ each at my local grocery. I split out the thorns from the two sides and cut them into rectangular pieces and divide those pieces into small squares. I then peel off a side of the square and rub it all over my face. The cooling effect is instantaneous, I couldn't believe my eyes the next morning! The tone evened out, the swelling reduced dramatically, and the inflammation had calmed greatly.

I continued using it every morning and night, and at first didn't think it was making that much of a difference in my regime, until I went away for a week on a trip without aloe vera. My face freaked, & I was back to horrible, unmanageable skin. The first day I returned I started using aloe again, and my face returned to its controlled stage.

Bottom line is that it won't be a miracle cure, but it helps TREMENDOUSLY in swelling, redness and texture. It's also completely natural so there's nothing to lose

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Reviewed on September 6, 2009

I had used this a while ago on my face for about a week straight and my mom had complimented on how good my skin was looking lately (I have an acne problem, so she likes to let me know the condition lol). I stopped using it regularly and I had issues with my skin again. I thought back on what I was doing when she had said that and realized I had been using aloe vera. I decided just recently to start using it again and I'm pretty excited to see the results.

It helps with redness, which my skin is really light and has a tendency to show small blemished easily due to the color difference. I like aloe vera.

You should try it :)

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Reviewed on September 1, 2009

even if it doesnt help your acne its awesome for your skin and heals it.

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Reviewed on August 17, 2009

Start using it! My aunt said her skin improved after using aloe every night!

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Reviewed on August 3, 2009

I been using this product for one week and two days, and my skin looks so much better!.

I had a lot of red and brown spots, the red spots are gone and the brown ones are still there, but they're hardly noticeable.

My face is glowing, and the oil of my nose is SO controlled. Im amazed. Right now, my self-steem is so much better. I used to felt like a giraffe because my spots, but the Aloe Vera help me a lot!, and just in one week!, i can't wait to see my face in one month!.

My regimen is very simple, cheap, and natural.

In the morning, after a shower, I apply the aloe vera, directly from the plant. I use glicerin soap. In the afternoon I wash my face and apply again the aloe vera. In the night, I do almost the same thing, but I use brown sugar.

Sometimes I forget apply the aloe vera, but I usually use it twice a day. Please, before buy expensive creams or use any kind of treatment, try the Aloe. It's just a miracle!. I didn't believe it before I used, and now, my skin is

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Reviewed on July 31, 2009

This stuff is great. I use it straight from the plant. If you can, go to a store that sells plants or get it from the greenhouse in your town/school and use it on your face (Cleopatra did). It will help calm inflammation, and along with a good wash and SPF, it's great. My acne is mild now (used Retin-A/Duac/minocin to clear up moderate acne) and it helps rid of zits and redness within a few days if I get them.

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Reviewed on July 23, 2009

I tried aloe straight form the plant and it worked wonders but when walking through a store, I saw FOTH 100%aloe gel and I thought it would be easier to manage than the fresh plant. Be careful! The bottled stuff I got said "100% pure aloe vera gel," meaning it was 100% gel, NOT 100% aloe vera. I was apparently allergic to whatever else was in it (which turned out to be a lot when I read the back of the bottle), and my face freaked! Aloe from the plant is amazing; the FOTH gel is not.

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Reviewed on June 26, 2009

It works. For those who say it does not work, you have not given it enough time to work. Its funny how we can wait for as long as 5-6 months for a thing like retin a but not even give 2-3 month time frame to an amazing plant like aloe. I'v been using the plant for about 3 months now and my acne has cleared significantly. Now i do not need to worry about what i eat n all that because skin is getting clear from within. Purging is to be expected because aloe brings the toxins of the skin to the surface. Pls. be patient. As with retin a, give your skin 3 six-week cycles to see results because our skin takes that long to rejuvenate and react to a new product. I had to stop using makeup because i felt that it helped to let me skin breathe. I apply the aloe from the plant 3-4 times everyday after washing my face with chickpea flour (no soap or facewashes seem to suit my skin) you can get this flour at an Indian store.My skin is very oily so it worked for me. A thin layer is all you need