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Brand: Basic Nutrition


Aloe Vera leaf extract.

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Reviewed on October 28, 2011

i tryed but it work for me it made my face worst

so please dont try it in the first place.

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Reviewed on October 4, 2011

Aloe Vera is an incredible plant. Ever since I have started using it, I have noticed that my skin is softer, the redness from pimples and zits are greatly reduced, and my face seems to have a nce little glow to it.

Aloe is also great for all types if burns (ie sunburns, chemical burns, heat burns etc.), scars that you want to disappear, and helps to speed the healing of various cuts and other skin injuries.

Go Aloe!!

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Reviewed on October 4, 2011

Aloe vera its great for your skin. Actually, its great for almost everything, I apply it everyday before going to bed, and leave it overnight. It dramatically reduces the pimples and makes the whiteheads vanish completely. but be sure the plant you take it from is at least 2 years old, otherwise it will not do it's work as promised; also, use the thickest part of the leaf, which is where all the 'good stuff' is. You can perfectly use the rest of the leaf, of course.

For less than a dollar, I totally recommend it!

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Reviewed on October 2, 2011

i bought it about a week ago from home depot. i use the gel every other day and leave it over night. i have noticed my skin to be a lot softer and glowing. even if you get a plant its like $5.00 and you can use that plant for around 2 weeks which is cheaper than a good cream. my skin is much healthier and natural looking with no chemicals at all....

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Reviewed on September 20, 2011

well....i had pimples for about a year and tryed everything i was searching for home remedys. but nothing seamed to really this is were it all started.... i went out and brought aloe vera and tryed it it worked so good and now my skin is almost clear good luck to you all and im sure it will work for you!! totally recomend it give it a go! wish me liuck!!! (:

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Reviewed on August 23, 2011

I've been rubbing aloe on my skin after I wash my face for almost two months now. After a few trials I think I figured out the best way to use it. If you are using it as a moisturizer like me I recommend you use some lotion after you rub it on your face because its water contents seem to evaporate very quickly and this can dry out your skin. Dry skin = unhappy (or even angry) skin! Applying moisturizer seals in the aloe goodness in my opinion. Let the aloe dry first then apply a layer of lotion on top. This will make your skin glow! If you are suffering from acne and everything you use seems to irritate it, then try the aloe paired with non-comedogenic, allergy tested, dermatologist tested moisturizer. Don't let your skin go dry because of whatever topical treatment you are using. It will upset your skin! BTW the aloe does peel when you put lotion on your skin. You will have to remove them as it bunches on the surface.

Reviewed on August 15, 2011

If you have light acne, this would probably be good to use but for people with anything worse the chances of breaking out seem pretty high.

Reviewed on August 4, 2011

This is product made me breakout after 1 use overnight. I still use it on my body.

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Reviewed on July 12, 2011

I put it on every night after I wash and moisturize. Just cut the plant open and then cut that in two to use as a pad type thing to rub on my face. It really tightens your pores and they stay tight. I really feel like this stuff can help me finally defeat acne. After accutane and consistent mild acne... knock on wood... I think I have finally found a routine that will knock this stuff out for good.

Reviewed on June 7, 2011

I've been using aloe for a few weeks now. I put it on after going in the sun, or the next day if I end up with a minor sunburn. It's also great if you overuse topicals/actives and get a chemical burn.

I'm in my mid-20s and never had anything but a cycle-related pimple every month or so. It's not hereditary for me. I've been on and off BCP with no problem, and I've never really washed my face carefully or did anything special. But four months ago I went to a naturopath who gave me a hormone test and concluded I needed a kelp-based supplement with thyroid and a cortisol pill as well as progesterone cream. I have had huge problems with acne on my jaw/cheeks since--I scarred for the first time in my life and ended up with clogged pores, whiteheads, cysts, and papules.

Aloe has really helped. When I get an angry inflamed zit I apply aloe several times a day. I also use it after extracting a clogged pore. It prevents redness from getting out of hand. Zits heal more quickly too, and fresh red marks are diminished.

It's cheap, feels lovely and cool on irritated skin, moisturizes well enough for my oily skin, and doesn't have any irritating chemicals or fragrances.

Did it stop my acne? No. I admit I've found stronger things necessary for my resistant hormonal eruptions. But aloe REALLY helps in the aftermath.

I also recommend aloe for internal use (if using from a bottle make sure it's made for consumption!). It's great for digestion and helps my skin even more than topical use. If you want more convenience you can use the Fruit of the Earth brand made with berry juice added. Wal-Mart has it.