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Baking Soda


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Baking Soda

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Baking Soda

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Reviewed on October 26, 2014

I had very mild acne and tried exfoliating with this annnnd now I know what's it's like to actually have acne. Terrible. I have very fair and sensitive skin and it made my skin rough and bumpy. :(

by nkeemah hartfield 33 on 11/14/2014 01:32
yeah i really hate acne and there aint anything to do for it
by brucee1920 on 11/14/2014 15:07
I have bad acne but i started using this about a month ago. Only keep it on for 30-45 seconds. use moisturizer ( i use tea tree oil). Also dont use the baking soda too often!
Reviewed on October 21, 2014

This does really works :), i suffer from bad skin like pimples i break out almost evry time but this has help out a litle bit i still have red spots but thats okay :)

Coconut Oil and Baking Soda!
Reviewed on October 20, 2014

I use coconut oil for a lot of things, it's great for your skin and hair. I put it on my eyelashes to get them long and silky. I started breaking out hella from hormones, my skin is super oily and gross, and I just cant make the pimples stop. I mixed coconut oil and baking soda together and used it as a scrub. Amazing! The baking soda really seems to pull the crap out, afterwards, it was virtually falling out of my pores. Super clean feeling, and a huge improvement in the number and darkness of blackheads. the coconut oil kind of lubricates and makes it easy to spread around so you're not pulling on your skin, and moisturizes at the same time. I followed with witch hazel after rinsing, and then applied my favorite night cream. Burt's bee's with royal jelly.

I also used the mixture on my chest and shoulders/back. The nasty oiy mess it wasl hasn't built up yet a whole day later.

by mlsscue on 01/26/2015 09:37
Thank you so much for this! I also use CO (but for hair, cooking, etc) but I have been wondering about mixing the glad I came across your comment! Also agree w/the witch hazel. :)
Works great for acne prone skin!!
Reviewed on October 14, 2014

I've tried it and it works great!! After applying it for more than 3 times, you can see the redness on your skin reduced and the pores are reduced in size. But not forgetting you need a great cleanser and sunscreen as well. Also, drink plenty of water and sleep!! If you are serious in removing acne, you need to follow the acne tips.

mixed with lemon juice
Reviewed on October 13, 2014

i tried the mask i actually like it, its a bit messy so place a hand towel on your chest or do it right before you shower. i used the lemon juice because lemon is a natural way to lighten dark spots. the mask do make your skin feel dry but thats what moisturizer is for. it tightened my pores made my skin look brighter(fresher) and smooth. so i will probably do the mask twice a week one at the beginning and then the middle of the week. its a good alternative for people who have a small budget, you shouldnt spend no more than $3

by danetteh on 08/06/2015 22:22
Lemon juice is an acid and baking soda is a bad so when you combine the two you actually neutralize them. You might as well put plain water on your face because all that you will get from mixing an acid and a base of similar but opposite strengths is create a salt and water. No point.
Tried once
Reviewed on September 20, 2014

I tried it once as a mask, i fins it's more mess than i want, read a lot that makes skin dry and did not work for me, i have tried other treatments that i can see at least a slight result within the first application. This wasnt one of them.

when I run out of meds
Reviewed on September 4, 2014

this works for me when I have a lot of breakouts. The yellow thing on my zit comes off easily which helps me a lot. it tightens my pores and makes my skin feels smoother. What I like more about this is when I run out of meds, I can get some of this just in our kitchen.

Mix with cucumber!
Reviewed on September 2, 2014

I tried a baking soda mask (just baking soda with water) first, and only kept it on for a minute or so. Still, it seemed to be drawing out stuff from my skin. So, I decided to try it again. I have sensitive skin, so I mixed about an eighth of a large cucumber, skinned it, mashed it into a paste, then mixed it with the baking soda mask. It neutralizes the sting, and cucumber also has soothing properties. This let me keep the mask on longer because it stung less. It seems to work really well!

when all else fails...
Reviewed on August 15, 2014

My acne fluctuates with my cycle, usually. I tried birth control but hated the way it made me feel. Last month, I had a terribly stubborn break out and I could tell it was more than just hormones as it wouldn't go away. I tried a facial scrub with baking soda on my problem areas and the results were amazing! My face has been pimple free for weeks after just one scrub. Don't over do it. Try it once and vow to keep your fingers off your face and you will see results! I wish I tried this sooner!

Great Exfolient, reduces redness and removes built-up dirt + bacteria! Will use again!
Reviewed on August 8, 2014

So, I tried Baking Soda Mask for the first time today after reading some great reviews. I was impressed, but not overly impressed like most of the reviews state. While it did help to relieve my redness and irritation, it did not reduce the size of any of my whiteheads. However my skin is extremely soft afterwards. I also did not notice any burning sensation and I mixed mine with Lemon - I might just have tough skin - I do put it through a lot. Anyways, this is a great natural exfolient and I will be using it 1-2x/week because it removes a love of dead skin and reduces redness and inflammation, so it's great for that! It's definitely not a quick fix, but with other treatments, I bet it will help enhance the results.

by danetteh on 08/06/2015 22:25
Lemon juice is an acid and baking soda is a base so when you combine the two you actually neutralize them. You might as well put plain water on your face because all that you will get from mixing an acid and a base of similar but opposite strengths is create a salt and water. No point.