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Baking Soda


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Baking Soda

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Baking Soda

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Burned my face REALLY BAD!
Reviewed on April 25, 2015

exam night and i'm having a few annoying stress pimples. i read about the baking soda paste and leaving it for 15-20 minutes thing..

well.. i didn't even get to reach the 10 minute mark..

it's my first time using it and i thought the slight burning sensation was normal..

just around the 7 minute mark i thought of washing it off..

i added some water and scrubbed the firs pimple a little but it was burning bad when i did .. so i just washed the rest off..

i dried my face and found out those huge red markings on my face and the part where i ruled .. my skin was peeled like a chemical burn!!

BAD BAD BAD .. don't even think about it!!

by niquedizzy on 04/29/2015 05:56
Don't leave it on for more than a minute! It's definitely not a mask.
by happyhealthylife004 on 05/22/2015 18:44
You should never leaving baking soda on your face for more then 3 minutes!!! If you do it can cause burning sensations and discomfort.
by justinedelange on 11/21/2015 08:38
Also got a huge red mark on my face after using it for 20 min, how long does it for the red marks to dissappear?
Baking soda is bad for skin!!!
Reviewed on April 25, 2015

The pH of baking soda is 9, whereas skin is slightly acidic at 4.5-5. Using baking soda will be a huge irritant and upset your skin's natural protective barriers. Bacteria actually likes alkaline cultures, so using this can encourage bacterial growth. It's also way too abrasive - it can cause micro-tears (tiny openings in the skin which allow bacteria to enter) and also broken capillaries, which can only be fixed by laser treatments.

by stacyk318 on 05/23/2015 06:17
Are you saying it's too basic to put in skin??
please advise what to do next .....
Reviewed on April 5, 2015

I had acne from 7-8 years mostly on my cheeks went to dermatologist many times, after 2 months medication acne reduces but after 5-6 months when i stop the medication it starts again. one day i read about baking soda and i started using it. Before going to bed i used to apply baking soda with water paste for 10-15 minutes and after that coconut oil to moisturize for almost one week. it gave me fairer skin and my acne spots were lighten now. i was very happy after one week i had to go for party so i used Ayur cucumber face pack for 10 minutes. next day morning i got 4-5 pimples on my cheeks and one big one between my eyebrows. red and white it was painful. after that i am not using any thing on my skin. i am afraid to use any thing on my face. i am confuse shall i use baking soda again or not. :(

by RDMF on 04/25/2015 15:53
Baking soda is far too basic for your skin (it's a 9 on the pH scale, whereas your face is around 4.5) so it can be a huge irritant, and will damage your skin's natural protective barriers. Acne-causing bacteria thrives under these conditions, so prolonged use of baking soda will make your acne worse. It's also way too abrasive for your face - it can cause micro-tears or broken capillaries, which can only be fixed by laser treatments. Please don't use it anymore.
by Tidleywinx on 05/04/2015 18:46
Coconut oil is high on the comedogenic rating with a 4 out of 0-5 rating... try using a less comedogenic oil like hemp seed or something. Jojoba is actually a wax and closely mimics the sebum in skin and it's not on the list but I think it's a 2 on the rating on another site. Lot of people find it helps them with removing blackheads etc. Anyway, coconut is definitely not for everyone!! Lot of people use it fine but for others it is bad for their skin like me! I use baking soda myself as a spot treatment with lemon juice and even with sensitive skin it seems to be fine. Everything works different for different people.
by Naturehubs123 on 05/15/2015 02:51
Hey! For starters never use baking soda...but there is always honey with cinnamon face mask or Vaseline (it sounds crazy but try it) worked great for me.
by Naturehubs123 on 05/15/2015 02:51
Hey! For starters never use baking soda...but there is always honey with cinnamon face mask or Vaseline (it sounds crazy but try it) worked great for me.
by Cheryl Anne on 06/07/2015 17:47
You said that the baking soda was working but later in the week you used another product on your skin. Maybe that is the problem. Not the baking soda. My philosophy is the simpler the better. Oh yeah and plenty of water and little stress. Stress actually has a lot to do with our bodies' biological reactions. What we can detect on the outside is only an affirmation of a process that we would otherwise be completely unaware of internally. Hope this helped.
Good in moderation, gets rid of blackheads, but burned my face and will post an update
Reviewed on March 29, 2015

At first, it was great. all of my many blackheads were gone. I used this stuff as a mask, mixing it with my mask acne treatment. I left it on overnight once for about 5 hours and all was well. However, when I accidentally left it on for like 10 hours because I fell asleep with it on my face and I didn't have any initiative to wake up early, it left my skin extremely dry and irritate with a rash like/extra dry like feeling on my skin. But this isn't like some terrible horrible burn, its only something I notice because it is my face. Do not judge, I really didn't mean to leave it on my skin for that long. I have tried to find out what will happen to my face because of this, but I have found no answers online. no one has said anything about the aftermath of a baking soda burn. So if I can, I will post in update to see how this all plays out.

If my face heals, I will probably change my ratings to 5-stars because it DID get rid of my blackheads, and I had ALOT of them. little blackheads were literally taking over my face.. but within 3 days this product cleared all of them up, which I haven't been able to do for months. USE IN MODERATION!

update: skin healed :) good as new but with less pimples.

by Cheryl Anne on 06/07/2015 17:49
You don't need it overnight. Just gently exfoliate your face for 2 minutes once or twice a week. You should have nice results soon. But do not exfoliate aggressively. Understand that the skin is a delicate though resilient system, which is constantly being exposed to hazardous elements and conditions. Give your skin time to adapt and heal.
Didn't work
Reviewed on March 28, 2015

This didn't work at all for me. I have sensitive skin so I think that's the problem. Burned my face and left it dry and irritated.

by monae95 on 03/29/2015 21:40
did your skin heal from the burned and irritated skin?
Please be careful
Reviewed on March 5, 2015

I used baking soda for a while and I believed it was doing wonders, it left my skin smooth and it didn't make my face feel too dry. But unfortunately baking soda just isn't the right pH for our skin. Our skin is slightly acidic, and baking soda is much too alkaline, which leaves our skin defenceless against bacteria.

Now, I know for some people baking soda works great as an exfoliant, and it is much better to use baking soda than a harsh apricot scrub, for example, and if you are switching from a harsh acne scrub to baking soda, you will certainly see some improvement.

But, my experiences have lead me to believe that any "scrubbing" product is bad for acne prone skin. For a long time I was an over-exfoliator, I would use baking soda twice a week, I thought it was great, but eventually it broke me out horribly. By scrubbing at your skin you are creating lots of tiny microscopic cuts on the surface and huge amounts of irritation, which is detrimental to acne.

At the end of the day, you cannot scrub your acne off your face, contrary to popular belief.

Your skin will be much happier, and healthier if it is kept at the correct pH, using a gentle and nourishing skincare routine.

Please, please be careful if you decide to scrub at your skin!

Exfoliating Mask
Reviewed on March 1, 2015

So I tried a honey and baking soda exfoliating mask tonight and can say without a doubt that baking soda is good to use when sloughing off dead skin cells. However, I read a few reviews on here and decided to use very little baking soda. You don't want to use too much of this stuff and I would consider mixing it with organic honey, or aloe vera, or something else. Its the texture of sand and rubbing that much sand on your face could take off more than your skin needed it too. I'm looking elsewhere for a pore-closing mask. If you wanted to do this stuff just to get the 'lightening' of scars benefit, I would advise you to try using a recipe with aloe vera for a few months instead.

Reviewed on February 28, 2015

I use the Aveeno Positively Radiant Skin Brightening Daily Scrub all over my face, neck & in between my breasts, gently (except around my nostrils & that little dent between your bottom lip & chin, I give those areas a good scrub) then I apply, gently, baking soda all over my face & mix it in with the aveeno. I'll leave it on for a minute or two then I'll scrub my face under the water until it washes clean. When I get out of the shower I apply baking soda all over my face, followed by a super light layer of coconut oil, then one more layer of baking soda just to absorb most of the oil.. leaving it on all day.

by estyNikkie on 02/28/2015 04:00
& I really shouldn't say "scrub" you should never scrub anything in to your face, when you wash your face... imagine that you are washing a babies face. that is how gentle you want to wash your face.
Baking soda for my cystic acne
Reviewed on February 23, 2015

I rarely get normal zits and I occasionally get black heads. Most of what I get is large cystic acne caused by a hormone imbalance. I use proactive as well as keep my face clean but the cysts prevail! I make a paste of baking soda and water and put it all over my face because I read about it on several sites. I kept it on for about 20 min. It burned a little that's why I give it 4 stars. When I woke up in the morning my swelling from a few spots were reduced, and one that was emerging and becoming painfull retreated! I suggest trying a spot on your chin before you enduldge in a full mask so you don't burn yourself if you're sensitive.

Avoid using baking soda on your face!!
Reviewed on February 8, 2015

I have breakouts all over my face, I think it has something to do with my thyroid disorder, so after doing some online research, I bought a box of this baking soda (earlier today) and decided to give it a try.

First, I washed my face using an apricot scrub bar and rinsed it off thoroughly.

I then poured some baking soda into my palm, along with a little water, and applied it to my face, scrubbing GENTLY!

It started burning instantly, which I thought was normal... But then after about 30 seconds it started burning like crazy and become intolerable so I quickly rinsed it off with cold water... It still burned a little so I rinsed about 2 more times...

OMG when I dried my face I saw that I had huge burns all over my cheeks and on my forehead... Which are oozing!!!

I am so sad right now... And on top of that, my face is completely dried out... I applied some moisturizer but it was stinging... So now I am sitting down with peanut butter all over my face... Ugh!!! NEVER AGAIN WILL I PUT BAKING SODA ON MY FACE....

by HannahSPND1 on 02/18/2015 02:41
This is basically what happened to me a few minutes ago!! I noticed I had big pores while looking in the mirror, so I went to Google and asked how to shrink them. Making a paste with baking soda and water came up so I tried it. About 30 seconds in, it starts burning but not horribly bad so I left it on for 3 minutes, like the directions online said to. Then I scrubbed it off, and I just looked in the mirror. I have breakouts on my cheeks now! Thy are like little pimples and not oozing though. And it burns still. I've tried cold and hot water to scrub it off and lower the burning but it's not working.
by Ashley545 on 02/27/2015 12:11
I'd like to point out that baking soda is like exfoliating your face, so I don't know why you used an apricot scrub before then..
by RDMF on 04/25/2015 16:27
Yeah, baking soda has completely the wrong pH for your skin. It's way too alkaline and can really damage your skin's protective barrier. Acne-causing bacteria also grows best in more alkaline conditions, like those caused by baking soda, so yeah, it's best to avoid putting this anywhere near your skin.