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Baking Soda


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Baking Soda

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Baking Soda

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Reviewed on March 15, 2012

Baking soda disrupts yeasts that cause seborrheic inflamation. It may do so by reducing sebum output; by turning small amounts of sebum oils into soap, thereby emulsifying the remainder and making it unavailable to microbes; by altering the PH profile of the pore environment and making it intolerable for some microbes; or by some other means. It works, and probably does so in multiple ways.

Using a paste scrub is not necessary. As many have testified, a paste scrub left on too long will cause chemical burns and considerable (unnecessary) exfoliation. I personally use a simple solution of baking soda in witch hazel, on the order of a teaspoon baking soda per cup of witch hazel. I could probably use less. I use cotton pads to apply, but a soft cloth would work as well.

The bottom line is, it works 100% better than the "oxy" pads, acid or alcohol scrubs pushed in the market. You'd do well to throw out the contents of such products and recycle the plastic jars to soak cotton rounds with a weak baking soda solution. The price and effectiveness are much better.

Reviewed on March 15, 2012

Baking soda is variable; as you continue to use it you will grow to understand its uses (when it is timely to use it, what you should use it for, what you shouldn't use it for and when) and you will become well-versed at applying it. To me, baking soda is an exfoliator as well as a protective mask I can use that will essentially give me a fresh layer of skin to work with after waking up and washing the mask off.

I believe that one (not me, because I haven't yet figured out the right combination of the two) could expertly use baking soda and ACV together in some way to fully solve their acne problems, but I am still struggling. Personally, my face is tolerant to baking soda, less so to ACV. I believe in the future I can avoid the present malady I gave to myself by using more of the one and less of the other. In the end of the day it is not the substances which are causing problems for me, only myself.

The bottom line therefore is that baking soda is a wonderful product that for most cases will only produce a negative effect as a result of human error.

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Reviewed on March 13, 2012

I mix baking soda with Meaningful Beauty cleanser to help remove makeup. It worked very well and I was surprised to find it also cleared up some of the acne I just couldn't get to go away. I was not expecting this! I had pretty good skin to begin with, but now I hardly get any zits at all.

I don't wear makeup every day so I don't know if baking soda would work on a daily basis. Also, I'd recommend a good toner to regulate your skin's pH afterwards.

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Reviewed on March 9, 2012

Can't wait to see what my face looks like next week!

I'm a 24year old young female and I'm just SICK of my acne and the scars it leaves behind! It's very frustrating... I've tried EVERYTHING to get rid of it but nothing. So came across this site and decided to try out the baking soda. Was a little skeptic at first but finally caved it after reading the reviews. I'm excited about the baking soda and hope this is the last thing that I try. We shall see... ;)

Good luck my fellow acne people! Haha!

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Reviewed on March 5, 2012

Ive been suffering with acne ever since I was 13, Im 18 now. Ive used everything including Pro-Activ (twice, broke me out more), Neutrogena Skin ID (stops working once you stop using it), Final Crush (broke me out more), and medication from the doctor (still broke out and made skin unbelievably dry). I even used home remedies like oatmeal, potatoes, and lemon juice (their good just takes alot longer to work). I have VERY oily sensitive skin and get cystic acne, mostly on my cheeks on jawline. Baking Soda is the ONLY thing that truly worked for me. I use it in the morning and at night after washing my face with Cetaphil, I mix it with water to make it into a paste and scrub my face gently for about 5 minutes then I wash it off. Afterwards my skin feels soft and smooth. It works really fast too, my bumps are gone in 1 to 2 days. Also it lightened up my dark marks from my previous acne. Note it can make your skin dry and burns a little bit while using it. Baking soda is amazing and a miracle. I definitely recommend giving baking soda a try if havnt yet and have tried everything else. Its awesome!

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Reviewed on March 5, 2012

It seems to be exfoliating but doesn't affect clogged pores for me

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Reviewed on February 8, 2012

So, about 2 hours ago I decided I'd try this method to help clear up my face a bit. It wonderful! First, I got a small cup and lid and put some Baking soda in it, then a few drops of water, put the lid on, and shook it. I added more water and shook til it was a pastey consistency. I turned on my shower, and the steam opened up my pores. Then I put the mask on and left it there for 5 minutes. Then I got in the shower, and rinsed it off. It made my face FEEL better, even if I couldn't see the results. It felt cleaner right away. This really helps!

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Reviewed on January 25, 2012

I tried baking soda and water this morning after reading all of these reviews. It stung but when i took a shower and rinsed it off it started to feel amazing! I have had acne since i was 9 years old (a genetic thing xP) and im 13 now. My skin is FINALLY feeling better!!!!!!! Ive tried every natural remedy (i dont trust those storebought ones!) that i cand get my hands on, most dont work. honey and lemon juice do help but theyre expensive :( But BAKING SODA WORKS LIKE NOTHING ELSE!!!!!!!!!

(btw, NEVER use toothpaste, tried it last night and now i have big red burns on my face >:[ )

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Reviewed on January 24, 2012

I'm 16 and have been battling acne for about 6 months now. I know this may seem like a short while but I'm the kind person that HATES pimples and scars. And so I've basically tried everything!

At first I used baking soda and water as a scrub but stopped as it made my pimples and face so red! Instead I used it every other night as an exfoliating mask. I cleanse my face and then apply a mixture of baking soda with several drops of water on my face. I rub very gently it in so it exfoliates my skin and make sure I do not scrub. Then I leave it on for about 20 minutes and rinse off.

I also use this mixture as a spot treatment. I apply it wherever I have pimples and leave it on till I go to bed (because I don't want it flaking on my bed).

I've been doing these for only four days now but theres a big improvement in my face. When I started, I had pimples all over my forehead, side s and cheeks. Now, ONLY FOUR DAYS AFTER, I only have 5 little pimples in all just on my forehead!!

I recommend everyone to give baking soda treatment a shot so long as you're careful! Good luck and stay beautiful!