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Baking Soda


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Baking Soda

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Baking Soda

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Reviewed on January 18, 2012

I still use this if it's all I have to exfoliate with, but it hurts my face if left on for very long at all--and my skin is not sensitive. I think it's too basic for skin. Saw no miracle with acne.

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Reviewed on January 11, 2012

started using baking soda about a week and a half ago, morning and night. it has helped with the redness and made my skin soft. it has also made my some of my acne marks less does sting but just for a while and the warm water helps sooth it.

though it gave me great results it is not for people who have dry skin or senstive skin. if you wanna try it but have your skin is dry or senstive try in a small area, and have a good mositerizers.

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Reviewed on January 10, 2012

It works as a perfect exfoliant. I do it once a week and I'm happy with results. Affordable and effective method for acne treatment. I'd say it gives me the same results as chemical peels.

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Reviewed on January 10, 2012

Most people keep talking about how they got immediate results, or how their skin felt really smooth afterwards . . . honestly, I've been using it for a few weeks, and the only improvement I've noticed is that it makes my pores much smaller and helps shrink some pimples. But the pore-shrinking only lasts a few hours at most, and the pimples take so long to vanish that I'm really not sure if it's the baking soda or just time. However, my skin is actually pretty good, so maybe you just need more severe acne to see results. I'd recommend it on the sole basis that a lot of people did see results, though I didn't.

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Reviewed on January 4, 2012

IT IS THE BEST THING I'VE TRIED!! IT WORKS!!!! Im 14 and I developed acne halfway through year 7, I'm going into year 9 this year (in a month) and I will hopefully be clear by then!! I have a reaaallllyyy inflamed chin, it's like nothing I have ever seen before on other acne victims... I have red marks on both sides around my mouth and all over my forehead.... I previously tried clean and clear, neutrogena and all the other crap that didn't work for me, it made me break out even more.. I'd come home from school with 10 new pimples!!! :( i started cleansing my face woth lemon and sugar and that worked well. It completely stopped me breaking out!!! I tried other things to get rid of my red marks but I never continued with something long enough to see results. But try Baking Soda! It has to be left on long enough for results, i pour a small mountain in the middle of my palm then mix a few drops of water in it then spread it over my face and went to sleep. The next morning my skin had DEFINITELY improved!!!!! OMFG! I use braggs apple cider vinegar as a toner and I will most definitely keep this regime going (: good luck

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Reviewed on January 2, 2012

I used a mask made from baking soda and water on my face once, and immediately broke into a painful and ugly rash. If your skin is sensitive or dry, DO NOT USE THIS METHOD.

If you aren't sure, definitely test it on a small section of skin before smothering your face in it.

I'd take acne over that rash any day!

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Reviewed on January 2, 2012

Tried it for the first time this morning after reading these reviews. Made the mask and kept it on for 5 minutes. It DID start to burn, but as soon as I stepped into the shower, it felt great. Rinsing it gives a cool smooth texture to your face, and my skin was much better afterwards. Looks A LOT better. However, the whiteheads that aren't popped look more obvious after it, and seem to be more poppable, sometimes that can be good. I plan to keep using this, along with my OXY face wash (10% BP) which works ok. I really think this could work and fix my acne!! :))

Reviewed on December 28, 2011

I haven't used this as a paste as others have. I take about 1/2 teaspoon and put it into a dixie cup and fill with warm water, so maybe 3 oz of water. Then I wash my face with Johnson's baby wash (yellow bottle). Then I rinse most of the soap off. Then I use the baking soda mixture as a rinse and rub it gently into my skin. Then I rinse competely with warm water. After patting dry, I put on a good layer of face lotion. I do this every evening. This has worked better than prescription Retin-A.

Reviewed on December 23, 2011

I love this product. I had a couple of bad breakouts about a week ago and nothing has worked as well as baking soda. It has reduced the size and number of pimples on the side of my face in 2 days. Even thought it didn't get rid of them all, most have almost completely disappeared :)

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Reviewed on December 22, 2011

For all the sensitive skin ppl out there, instead of water, try using whatever face wash you already use and watch your time. My skin in extremely sensitive but I mix equal parts baking soda/facewash then leave it on for no more than 2 minutes at first.