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Baking Soda


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Baking Soda

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Baking Soda

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Reviewed on June 15, 2012

I woke up this morning and when i saw my face I wanted to cry. I've used so many products (and I'm only 15). I have skin that tans pretty easily and when I started using Benzoyl religiously again (since I swore against it when I first used it) because it didn't seem to be making me super red, I now have HUGE red spots on my right cheek and chin. I saw all the reviews below and thought "hey, why not since I don't have to leave the house to get it" so I made a mask and left it on for about 45 minutes (until it started flaking everywhere) and I was pleasantly surprised to see smaller acne and fading red spots. I'm now going to try and stick with natural products because they seem to work the best. :)

Reviewed on June 9, 2012

I have a lot of cysts, and when I tried this on my skin, it burned quite a lot but I tried to withstand the pain. When I washed the baking soda off, my skin was red and screaming. I immediately applied some kind of moisturizer. It didn't help my acne at all, but it kind of stopped some acne growing for a day.

How to do this:

Baking Powder


Place a little bit of baking powder (as much as you need) and mix it with a similar amount of water. Mix together until it gets a consistency that you want. If you want a more pasty consistency, add more baking powder. If not, add water. x

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Reviewed on June 8, 2012

baking soda has become a key part of my regimen. i stopped using it for a few months and swapped it for a prescription gel (ziana, don't do it) and regret it so much. i'm back to my old regimen and already seeing some improvement.

here's what i do every night after i was my face:

1. a honey mask. put plain pure honey on your face for as long as you have time for. if you are just sitting around doing homework, i figure you may as well multitask. i will leave honey on for anywhere from 15 minutes if i am tired and rushed to 6 hours if i have a lot of homework. honey is super gentle, known to help keep your skin moisturized and be an antibacterial

2. BAKING SODA. take a small palm-full of baking soda and mix just enough water to make a paste. apply to your face and leave it on (a) til it dries hard (b) until it stings/irritates if you have sensitive skin (c) for about an hour if you have enough time to do so anyway. then rinse off with cold water

3. alpha hydrox. i have used both their cream and souffle (which contain 10 and 12 percent glycolic acid respectively) find here: [link removed] be careful if you have sensitive skin.

4. moisturize

and that's it! more involved than i would like, but i haven't found anything that works better. my skin isn't perfect, but this gets it to the point where i don't feel like the light remaining acne really hurts my confidence. plus it's relatively inexpensive (the aha costs between 10 and 15 dollars) and you can do whatever while the masks are on. all of these things are great if (like me) you struggle with hyperpigmentation, because all of these things also help to lighten the skin/exfoliate and remove dark spots.

as far as the baking soda goes, please try it, you really have nothing to lose except maybe some acne

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Reviewed on June 2, 2012

It really does work. Although, your skin will be redder after you remove the mask. You need to be patient and wait, within an hour your skin should feel better, as well as look better. The key is patience.


Again, this is my opinion, MY skin was redder after I removed it, but feel free to try it out yourself. :)

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Reviewed on May 30, 2012

I have used this for about a week but I already have gotten results. I have softer skin and smaller pores. I use it when I get a pimple and it reduces it right away! Both my cousin and I have used it and our skin feels and looks good.

It does not work the same for everyone.

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Reviewed on May 29, 2012

After I switched from birth control pills to nexplanon my acne got significantly worse. I started getting cysts. Red and horrible. It was difficult to keep from popping them. Sometimes I would anyways and the redness would be so much worse. I tried BP, and other various treatments. Nothing seemed to keep the acne in check until I started using baking soda. I usually use it every other day. I just wet my face pour some into my palm, and make a mask. I leave the mask on for 15-20 minutes. Then I rinse it off, While using an acne soap bar. My skin is relatively clear.

The baking soda WILL dry out your skin so you need to moisturize. It's a really cheap alternative compared to some acne treatments.

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Reviewed on May 21, 2012

I was shocked by how beautiful, glowing, and brand new my skin felt and looked after using this. I have been dealing with flakiness, oiliness, and small blemishes all over my face. The texture of my skin is now night and day different. Flakes are virtually gone. My pores are noticeably smaller and oil production has calmed down. I can't comment on whether it heals acne, but it has calmed current blemishes significantly.

I mixed a couple pinches of baking soda with my facial cleanser (CeraVe), gently massaged, and rinsed to find that my skin had dramatically improved. Definitely do moisturize as my skin did feel a little tight afterward. I plan to use this a couple times a week at most for exfoliation. Give it a try!

Reviewed on May 12, 2012

I have been using Baking Soda (known as Bicarb Soda here in Oz) off and on for a few months but recently I had a massive cystic breakout on my chin and jawline and this week I started using it daily in an attempt to get rid of this painful and disgusting breakout.

I forgot how amazing Baking Soda is. In a few days my large cystic lumps are getting smaller and smaller and are less red and aggravated.

I use it two different ways:

First way is to make a paste by putting a teaspoon of BS in my palm and then adding a few drops of water and then I smear it all over the acne or whole face depending on what needs to be done. I leave the mask on as long as I can before it starts flaking everywhere. I then usually jump in the shower and wash it off. Sometimes when I wash it off I gently rub it in to give a good exfoliate. If I do that the skin can tingle or sting a bit but the result is baby soft bright skin.

The other way is I mix a small amount of Bicarb Soda in a cup of hot water and let it dissolve. Then I put it in a spritz bottle and keep it in the shower. When showering I will give the face a good spritz and leave it for a few minutes and then I wash it off.

I highly recommend you giving it a try, just don't rub too hard when exfoliating at first as you might be surprised how effective this fine white power can be; eg too much pressure and it can feel like you're using steel wool ;) .

Reviewed on May 6, 2012

i used to have extremely bad persistent acne on my jawline which resulted in many acne scars.the cause of this was a combination of milk and fish products so when i cut those out all i had to do was eliminate the scarring which was not a pretty sight. i started washing with baking soda twice a day mainly focusing on the two areas and my cheeks which were covered in blackheads.A month later i have two very slight hyperpigmented spots where before it was about 20 noticeable ones on each side of my jawline! Not only did it eliminate my scarring but it helped with future break outs as well! I dont really recomend using it around your mouth though for it made two dry spots on either side of my mouth which are pretty irritating but other than that it works wonders for acne scars!!!

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