Bactrim/Septra (trimethoprim-sulfamethoxazole) Oral Antibiotic reviews

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Bactrim/Septra (trimethoprim-sulfamethoxazole) Oral Antibiotic
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Brand: Bactrim/Septra

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Bactrim/Septra (trimethoprim-sulfamethoxazole) Oral Antibiotic


Active Ingredients:
Sulfamethoxazole and Trimethoprim.

Inactive ingredients:
Docusate sodium 85%, sodium benzoate 15%, sodium starch glycolate, magnesium stearate and pregelatinized starch.

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Bactrim/Septra (trimethoprim-sulfamethoxazole) Oral Antibiotic

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Bactrim/Septra (trimethoprim-sulfamethoxazole) Oral Antibiotic

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The devil!!!
Reviewed on March 26, 2017

Bactrim is probably the worse medication I have used. It does that job, but the side effects make you want to pull your hair out. I have a fever, chills, joint pain, stomach and lower back pain. I was prescribed to take Bactrim 2 pills a day for ten days. I only made it to five and now I'm did. I will try something else.

By far, best antibiotic for acne but be careful
Reviewed on February 2, 2017

Ive had severe acne for around 2-3 years now and have taken all sorts of creams/ antibiotics. Some working better than others but none truly clearing up my skin. This was my last choice before having to go accutane because this was the last antibiotic i hadn't tried yet so i was hoping for the best. Within the first week, i already saw amazing improvement and was extremely excited. Around my 3rd week of taking it, i fell incredibly sick. Hives everywhere, back of my throat inflamed to golf ball, sore all over my mouth. It was literally the most pain ive had in all my life . Had to get sent to the ER where a full team of doctors did tests on me to make sure i wasn't having a severe allergic reaction that could kill me. Turns out i just had normal virus that was activating all the symptoms of the anti-biotic. So they made me stop for a week and my virus went away on its own. They couldn't conclude that i was allergic to bactrim so they said i can go back on it but they dont recommend it. I went back on it right away without consulting my derm cause the results i was getting were just too good to pass up and i was willing to take the risk. 4 months later, this pill is still working like magic. Face is soft and smooth as a baby and no symptoms at all. I also have a strict diet since eating dairy/junk food even on this pill still caused to break out a little bit. I would recommend this for anyone but be careful. Im still amazed with the results every day. This pill has saved my confidence

Thank you Bactrim
Reviewed on August 31, 2016

Last summer I suffered from a horrible acne breakout going into my first year of high school. Out of my friends I was the only one dealing with massive pimples all over their forehead. I know this sounds over dramatic, but I just wasn't myself and I lost all confidence. The Dermotologist put me on Bactrim and I have never felt better in my life. I started seeing results after a couple weeks but major results in a couple months. I honestly had not one little pimple on my head. It was such a relief to have this work. I've never felt better about myself. Definitely recommend!

Loved it
Reviewed on June 17, 2016

I took bactrim with duac and retin-a and I had amazing results. After the initial flareup, my skin was clear as day and my skin tone was even as well. My skin hasn't been that clear since I started puberty over 10 years ago. I took a break from the treatment to see if my skin would be fine on its own and it wasn't. Unfortunately, even though I've repeated the exact same treatment, I have never achieved the same results I did as the first time I took bactrim.

Take with caution.
Reviewed on June 8, 2016

Dermatologist put me on Bactrim DS, to be taken twice a day with food. No side effects in the first few days and did a good job at clearing up my face. Was ecstatic to see that it started working so quickly! Currently I am on the 9th day and experiencing severe side effects. Fever, chills, extreme joint pain, muscle weakness and overall sluggishness. Also experiencing difficulty breathing, a tight chest, headache, and dizziness to the point of almost falling over, for no reason. The most severe of the side effects is the joint paint. Can hardly take a step on my right leg and cannot lift anything with my right arm. Bactrim does it's job however at the expense of your health. Please do your research before starting this drug

Good Stuff
Reviewed on April 2, 2016

Bactrim is the only antibiotic that got my skin back to almost clear in about 2 months. After 2 weeks of taking the medication, I stopped getting any underground pimples and only some superficial whiteheads every once in a while. It gave me no side effects and I luckily did not have an allergic reaction to it (which is something you really need to look out for when on this medication). I am weening off of it now that I started Isotretenoin about 20 days ago (1 pill a day) and I am really glad I had this in my system when starting accutane because my IB was very manageable. However, contrary to reviews I read on here, it took about 3-4 weeks to fully work for me rather than a week like some people have experienced. I would also like to mention that minocycline and doxycycline failed for me, so this was a real miracle worker in my eyes because other antibiotics made my acne worse it seemed.

Works, but be careful
Reviewed on January 10, 2016

I have struggled with moderate/severe cystic acne off and on since I was 12 (I'm now a 31 y.o. female). A few years ago I started Bactrim. It completely cleared my skin within 3 months. I enjoyed continued clear skin as long as I took it - about 2 years. I stopped taking it about 6 months ago because I would like to become pregnant, after which the acne returned.

If you take this drug, please also take a probiotic as it can cause damage to your gut, especially over long-term use. I'm currently seeing a naturopath to restore my gut flora to a healthy state and hopefully heal my skin naturally. Gut imbalances can cause/worsen acne, so be careful.

Great at first but loses potency
Reviewed on January 8, 2016

I got horrendous cystic acne on one cheek when I was seventeen. I tried nearly every topical treatment under the sun and saw no progress. I was first prescribed doxy, but it gave me really bad GI side effects so I quit that after only a week or two. I got a dermatologist and was prescribed Bactrim. After about a month, it was working spectacularly. My acne was all but gone (mild breakouts with one to two pimples) and the scarring was starting to fade. I stayed on Bactrim, lowering the dosage from two pills daily to one. I felt great about myself and my appearance.

However, fast forward six months. My acne started coming back, slowly but surely. Eventually, my cheek was back to being covered with acne (just in time for college, of course), despite the fact that I had started taking two pills again. My derm then prescribed me Solodyn, which did not work AT ALL. I went back to Bactrim and saw a little improvement. I went to my primary to get birth control, thinking that it may be hormonal. I should have researched BC more, I think, because I was prescribed the mini-pill due to my family's history of breast cancer. However, I was not informed that the mini-pill actually CAUSES acne. I started breaking out way more on my jawline and the opposite cheek. Now, after two months on the mini-pill, my right cheek (the initial one) is completely clear except for scarring, but I have four or five cysts on my left cheek. I'm going back to my primary to try and get on a real BC pill, despite the risk because my periods are irregular as well, leading me to believe that I might have some sort of estrogen deficiency or androgen surplus. My derm keeps pushing accutane, but I'm a collegiate athlete and can't afford the joint pain and muscle weakening that are common side effects of the drug (not to mention that my mother is not supportive of it in the slightest). So, yeah. I'm still taking Bactrim, but I still have moderate acne.

tl;dr Bactrim is an antibiotic. Eventually, the bacteria will develop an immunity to the drug and it will stop working as well. Keep that in mind. That said, nothing else I've taken has worked as well for as long.

Works great, but please be cautious of side effects
Reviewed on January 17, 2015

Just wanted to give a review on Bactrim because I have a love/hate relationship with it. About 7 years ago I had a mild-moderate winter outbreak and after dealing with it for a few months my dermatologist put me on Bactrim. It cleared up my skin so quickly, like a week or two, and I took it for about 7 months until it slowly stopped working. I didn't break out horribly I just stopped taking it and my skin broke out mildly, in fact I don't even really remember it being a big deal. Fast forward to 2013 and I took Bactrim again for a month prior to Accutane, only for a month and it nearly cleared up my horrible, HORRIBLE acne, fast. Unfortunately this winter I had another mild winter outbreak, like 5-10 active small pimples at a time but very persistent. I went to my dermatologist and started up Bactrim, within only a few hours I felt awful, painful anxiety and truly felt like my heart might explode. At first I thought it was all in my head, because me derm warned me that this drug could kill me (she wasn't very sensitive about it, but was just being honest). I wasn't making it up in my head. It was truly the worst anxiety I could have every even imagined. I felt like I was going insane and it was only after two pills. I called my Derm and she said to quit immediately. About 36 hours after my last pill I feel so much better, but am so heartbroken because this pill really does help heal acne FAST. So if you are going on it or thinking of going on it know it's very effective but please just be aware and cautious when starting it, it was actually pretty scary.... I would rather have mild acne than ever feel that way again.

Been on Bactrim for 5 years
Reviewed on January 8, 2015

I have been on Bactrim for about 5 years now. I am male, healthy, and 23 years old now. I've been struggling with nodular cystic acne since I was a young teen (12-13 years old), I had it all over my chest, shoulders, face, and neck. Currently I am a graduate student, so that will speak to my intelligence. Here is my take- everyone is different. Personally I tried every single antibiotic and topical out there to tame my acne. Nothing worked including acutane. Ever since I've been on Bactrim my acne has been mitigated. Bactrim never 'cured' my acne, but I do strongly believe it drastically mitigates cystic acne. I still have acne, but am concerned about the health effects of staying on it for more years. Now since my acne is minimal I think I will start weaning myself off before I develop some type of allergy. I have tried every topical, Zianna, Epiduo, Benzo-creams. The best thing that works for me is Clindomyicin phospate gel. My skin always looks clearer in the morning after applying before bed.

Recently I switched to a top dermatologist in Philly, he used to teach dermatology at the University of Penn. He recommended I start washing my face with HIBICLENSE. This can be bought at a CVS or grocery store over the counter (it is a red liquid). Surgeons use it to wash their hands before operating to kill the bacteria. Now I apply it on my face twice a day while in the shower. I let it sit on my skin for about 30 seconds and then rinse it off. Then I use a neutrogena benzo face wash (no exfoliator beads) after (also good for killing bacteria). I let that sit for about a minute and wash that off. This is the best regimen I came up with after 10 years of combating acne. Meanwhile I still take Bactrim DS twice daily. I also spot treat with a pink sulfur medicine i buy online (nothing works better).

Since my skin is looking a lot better now, I will try to wean off the pills, and keep doing my shower regimine, and use clyndomyicin gel at night. Nothing is worth the risk of developing an allergy to this Bactrim I've come to realize from reading so many reviews. Use with caution.