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Azelex Azelaic Acid (20%) Cream
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Brand: Azelex

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Azelex Azelaic Acid (20%) Cream


Active Ingredient:
Azelaic Acid (20%).

Inactive Ingredients:
Cetearyl octanoate; glycerin; glyceryl stearate and cetearyl alcohol and cetyl palmitate and cocoglycerides; PEG-5 glyceryl stearate; propylene glycol; and purified water. Benzoic acid is present as a preservative.

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Azelex Azelaic Acid (20%) Cream

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Azelex Azelaic Acid (20%) Cream

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Reviewed on March 22, 2011

After 3 months on Accutane my acne went from moderate to ligh/non existant...I get an occasional pimple. I was put on Aczone to maintain my skin(that stuff is amazing) I ran out and decided I wanted to give Azelex a try..I applied it to my forhead and chin since those are my problem areas. It made my skin dry at first but I used moisturizer afterwards and then my skin returned to it's normal condition. About a couple hours later my skin felt like I had this thick film over it, I took out my blotting sheets and I was amazed at how oily this made my skin! It's not a coincidence since it's only oily in the areas I applied Azelex, that and the fact I haven't been oily for over a month. Everyone is different since some people say it's too drying. Try it because it might work for you.

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Reviewed on February 14, 2011

So, I started using the QV range (a brand based in Australia) and although my skin was looking lovely, I still broke out occasionally.

So I e-mailed the company my thoughts and the lady recommended me their product Azclear Action Lotion -- I think their other product is AcneDerm.

Anyway, so I started using it and at first nothing happened, then I broke out (it was looking pretty horrible and I was feeling somewhat depressed as my initial skin was clearer than my then-current skin.

But I stuck to it and eventually I found myself with a blemish-free forehead. My cheeks are; however, slowly recovering (and the marks are fading!). I want to try putting on my nose but I really don't want to live with a pimply nose for a few months. I'd rather deal with the occasional pimple (and attack it with benzoyl peroxide).

I am worried, however, of the long term side effects as I find myself begin to break out if I stop using this. Maybe I'll try to wean myself off it...

BUT, it is definitely worth it in comparison to benzoyl peroxide as it does not bleach clothes nor does it make your skin dry - (just apply a moisturiser after use).

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Reviewed on January 26, 2011

I had this a loooong time ago, and it worked WONDERS on my moderate acne.It cleared up in almost a month. EVERYTHING. But around the "time of the month" if you're a girl, you still get breakouts, but they're not as bad. And ever since I used this, I've learned one lesson -DO NOT put it ANYWHERE AROUND your nose. I mean, you can put it ON your nose, but in the crevices, it will burn like heck. A few weeks ago, I had to stop using it because I lost the container, and after a week, it showed BAD results. Acne had struck me hard after stopping use of Azelex. But, luckily, I got it back, and everything's under control. I definitely reccomend this, it works! :) And for the price, MY insurance covered it. Without insurance, it costs about 150 or so. It's worth it, trust me(;.

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Reviewed on January 26, 2011

Currently using Finacea gel 15%. If you are one of the unlucky ones, you may experience unbearable stinging and itching which lasts for a half hour after application. But after 3 weeks, the itching and stinging subsides to about one tenth of the pain, to a slight tingling. Other than that, I was determined to stick with it, and it has improved my skin to some degree, like speeding up healing time. It doesn't seem to do much for my cystic acne, though. I'll stick with it for another 2 months and report back if it miraculously clears my acne. It has also helped with redness and red marks and my skin overall looks a lot less dull.

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Reviewed on January 13, 2011

Ok , I'm just like many others, i been suffering from acne for more then 12 years , i'm 32 now. I try any thing from 1000$>treatments , peels, etc., creams , all antibiotics you ever heard , doxy , mono, etc. benz, i mean every think , even ALDERA , nothing works. I got AZELEX one week ago and OMG my skin never recover that fast , i use with combination of TRETINOIN and also before applying any of them i use DERMA ROLER 0.5mm, it works MAGICAL. I pay 20$ for derma roler . BOTTOM LINE if you just like me lost hope to cure acne , DON"T you must try this cream , even every one is different , you have nothing to lose

Reviewed on November 8, 2010

Just adding to my review from a few months ago....

I would reccomend this to anyone with acne. Especially anyone who has body acne because BP is often just too much of a restriction on your life. With BP you cant sleep on friends sheets cause you will bleach them, can't wear the sexy black dress or top cause if you sweat you will bleach it... etc etc

I think its shocking this is not prescribed more often. Its amazing and more people should know about it. I use the Finacea 15% gel.

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Reviewed on November 7, 2010

so my chest and my back are ridiculously allergic to benzoyl peroxide and salicylic acid does absolutely nothing, so I just kind of always have had gross back and chest acne since 7th grade (I'm now in my third year of grad school, a good 12 years later). I went to the dermatologist, looking for a cure for my recently emerging (at 24, neat!) facial acne problem, and he suggested this product. i did not see any improvement in two months in my facial acne, but now my back and chest are clear! if I do get an errant back or chest pimple, however, azelex does nothing to make it go away, but it does an awesome job of keeping it under control. I think it's worth a try, and seriously, the tingling is nothing. so in short, works freaking miracles on the chest and back area (after 2 months mind you) but it didn't do anything for my newly developed adult acne.

Reviewed on September 3, 2010

I used this products for 3 months and did not see any improvements in my acne, which was nodular and inflamed. This may work for some, especially those with non-inflammatory acne. For this with cystic or nodular acne, I do not think this topical helps at all. This product did burn my skin when I over-exfoliated, but I attribute this to my skin simply being a bit raw.

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Reviewed on August 29, 2010

When I first used this all my lumpy gross pimples were FLAT but my skin was pink, this didn't dry out my skin. It may be a little expensive if your insurance doesn't cover it. It lightened my skin a little bit but nothing major. I will continue using this:)

Reviewed on August 27, 2010

Hasn't changed my acne whatsoever, is leaving my skin very greasy and difficult to wear under makeup.

Will persevere for another couple of weeks to see if it makes any difference, but so far nothing.

Not as bad as some side effects I've had, but of everything I've tried (10 or so different pills and/or solutions) it's been the least effective.