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Aczone Dapsone
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Brand: Aczone

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Aczone Dapsone


Active Ingredients:
Dapsone (5%).

Inactive Ingredients:
USP, in a gel of carbomer homopolymer type C; diethylene glycol monoethyl ether, NF; methylparaben, NF; sodium hydroxide, NF; and purified water, USP.

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Aczone Dapsone

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Aczone Dapsone

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Amazing product
Reviewed on August 19, 2015

I'm a 17 year old male, and like most 17 year old males, I've had my run in with acne. I've tried all of the over-the-counter stuff, prescription antibiotic lotions and retinoids, oral antibiotics, and finally a course of Accutane. Aczone was the last med I tried before Accutane and it saved me until I could get on Accutane. Aczone works extremely well, in my experience, for the red, inflamed, "angry", pimples and breakouts. Using any other products would burn when I put it on my acne but Aczone was actually soothing and I watched the inflammation go down before my eyes. By morning red, inflamed, "angry" pimple would be nothing more than a flat spot. Even after Accutane, I still spot-treat with Aczone because it works so well with my type of acne. A pimple that would last a week disappears overnight. It's extremely expensive for a reason, its an amazing product and a must-have in your acne-fighting arsenal.

Really works
Reviewed on August 18, 2015

my dermatologist suggested I use this alone with cerave to help my acne. It's very drying, but it goes on the skin easy and dries up acne quickly! If you put it on the night before, in the morning, a lot of pimples will be completely flattened and barely visible. Make sure to use sunscreen and lots of moisturizer when using this product.

Great!... But Will Not Get Rid Of Acne By Itself
Reviewed on May 28, 2015

I like Aczone because its very gentle on my skin and is an all-around good gel. Although its a bit drying, I don't think its anything uncomfortable or negative. I love the feeling and consistency of the gel; it spreads on the face very easily. When you apply it to your skin, you can see it lightens the acne, so you can literally apply it before going out or apply it under makeup. The one reason that I don't think it deserves five stars is that Aczone won't get rid of acne by itself. Its more of a helper medication. You need a stronger medication to use along with the Aczone to see fully clear skin in a reasonable amount of time. Also, make sure that you take advantage of the coupons offered on Aczone's website; it can save you a ton of money and makes the relatively high original price much more reasonable.

by Nathanisaballer123 on 06/13/2015 06:56
By any chance do you know if blue cross federal insurance covers it? Or At least some
by lelygrl on 08/19/2015 12:29
I have CareFirst Blue Cross Blue Shield's federal employee program, and with the coupon on Aczones site, I was able to get the 60 gram for $10. Without the coupon, it would have been $200. For some reason, I couldn't get the 90g for $15, even though that was what my prescription was for. That would have been $200 even with the coupon.
Try it!
Reviewed on May 17, 2015

I've tried everything to both prevent and heal large, cystic acne. I don't get huge breakouts or breakouts very often, but when I do get these larger zits, it is 1-2 per day for 1-3 weeks straight, and nothing has ever worked as well as Aczone. It not only works much better at drying up the pimples but also doesn't bleach sheets and clothing. It also doesn't take much for it to work. It is both anti-bacterial (prevents zits) and also heals them and dries them out remarkably fast when they do surface. I am currently without a single cyst or even small zit on my face---not even one. I go through periods of having a face with around a dozen zits, to having none, but I attribute the fast healing process in large part to Aczone (I also use 0.025 tretinoin cream now but only at night and only every second night, very sparingly to help even out my complexion). It also seems to be lightening the scars I have on my face. They were deep, and very hyper-pigmented, and are now barely visible. This, after only one week of use and not even every day/night. If you've tried peroxide creams with limited or no success, this stuff is well worth a shot. It is the best drying agent for already-formed pimples I've used in 15+ years.

Reviewed on April 27, 2015

i dont want to be super negative about this product but beause i can see how it would work for many. ive been using clyndoxel gel for a year and love it but is a bit drying so i tried out this product on some areas on my chin. my skin s very dry on my chn and im not sure if its the residue of clyndoxel on my skin or the dryness but my skin turned like dark brown after i used this and i had to miss school the next day until the skin was finally exfoliated off. im just saying but test it on a small area of skin before rubbing it on your whole face. it did work for my acne tho

by BL613 on 05/17/2015 20:28
Peroxide + Dapsone = brown stains. It is some kind of chemical reaction. I experienced this as well... but it just seemed to be the cream that turned brown and I could wipe it off right away. Just don't use them at the same time and this will not happen.
Week 3 *UPDATE*
Reviewed on September 9, 2014

I am on my third week of using Aczone and I'm feeling pretty good about it so far. I immediately saw results within the first week of use. I love how mild and gentle it is. I'm hoping that it continues to clear up my skin, it's been the only product to work in years!!!

*UPDATE* 04/08/15

It has now been about 7 months that I've been using Aczone in conjunction with Niacin daily. In the past 5 months, my skin has been mostly clear with the occasional small break-out (attributed to stress, diet and lack of sleep). I'm beyond satisfied with Aczone and my dermatologist would like for me to continue to use it, along with the Niacin. It's great to have my skin back! I do have a couple scars here and there, but nothing a home made baking soda mask can't fix (and a great concealer ;) )! Ask your derma about Aczone if you have moderate-severe adult cystic acne!

Been using for almost 4 years now
Reviewed on February 17, 2015

Ok so, to start off, I have suffered from acne since I was 14. I went to multiple dermatologists, and I really didn't find any improvements until I went to a really great doctor when I was 16, and she prescribed me Azcone with the combination of Doxycycline, antibiotic pills (50 mg). Wow, after a couple months I really noticed a difference and luckily my face is much better. Around the age of 18, I stopped taking Doxycycline (it's an antibiotic and sometimes aggressive internally) and used Aczone with birth control, and I was scared that my acne would be worse, and while yes it did get a little worse for about 2 months with birth control, it went away after a couple weeks and I'm very pleased now. So really the only topical gel I'm using for my acne is Azcone; I do not use any medication soap. I use the Lush Coal Face bar soap and this exfoliates nicely. Aczone is also safe to use alongside with apple cider vinegar (which is fantastic for redness). I really love Aczone because I also suffer from redness, for example my acne scars take forever to fade and when I first wash my face, it turns pretty red. However, I apply Aczone and after about 30 mins (give it time to settle into the skin), my redness is gone! I use it as soon as I wake up, and before going to sleep, and redness is diminished. Before applying make up, I wait about 20-25 mins, for Aczone to settle into my skin. Also I use sunscreen alongside with Aczone, because it's a must. If you don't use sunscreen every time you go out in the sun, you risk coming back with purple to red spots on your face (yikes!) and these will take forever to finally fade. I'm almost 20 now, and my face is doing much better. Still get some pimples here and there (especially during that time of the month) but around this time I use a combination of Aczone and then once the Aczone dries, I apply apple cider vinegar as a spot treatment on pimples (mix it with a little bit of water so it's not too strong). With the Apple cider vinegar, the Aczone, and the birth control, I feel my Acne is almost practically gone.

Stick with it for 12 weeks
Reviewed on February 13, 2015

I tried this product for my adult acne. I was on Clarifoam but it smelled like rotten eggs and made me smell bad too. When I first tried Aczone, for the first month it made my skin much worse. Like it brought cysts to the surface that were festering. At about 6weeks it started to improve. I almost quit it but I was researching another medicine my dr called in, Clindamycin, to replace the Aczone, and I read on the company website that you have to give it 12 weeks to get the full effect. My dr never told me that it might takes weeks to work. Aczone has fewer side effects so I stayed with it. I am very happy with it. Doesn't dry your skin. My only complaint is that it dries and leaves a white, slightly powdery finish on my skin.

In my opinion, the best topical acne therapy available for cystic acne!
Reviewed on February 9, 2015

I'm a woman who has struggled with acne for most of her life (I'm nearly 53!). I remember my first pimple in the first grade. By the time I was in my 20's, my acne was terrible. I often had the deep, cystic acne that took forever to clear. As I got older, it was evident that my acne revolved around my menstrual cycle. In my 30's I was diagnosed with rosacea (but thankfully that went away when I was in my 40's). Throughout the years I tried so many different treatments, including Accutane, but I was still plauged with cystic acne, especially on and around my chin. Several years ago my dermatologist mentioned that there was a medication that seemed especially helpful to those who had the deep, cystic pimples. I gave it a try, and it has worked wonders. About once a month I will typically feel a cyst developing under the surface of my skin (usually on my chin), and when I do, I religiously put the Aczone on. It will often help diminish the cyst even before it surfaces. If the pimple does surface, the Aczone usually helps it go away fairly quickly. It's not a perfect medication, but for someone who has had severe acne, it's been a godsend!!

Even worse now
Reviewed on February 4, 2015

After using this product, I noticed within the first week that my acne was getting worse, worse than it ever has been. I started getting pimples and cysts in spots I've rarely, if ever, had them, like my neck. I figured my acne might get worse before it gets better, but, after about a month of use, my skin has shown no improvement. It also seemed like the product left an unnatural dark tan tint after being on my skin for a few hours, making my skin look even worse and patchy.