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Active Ingredient:
Benzoyl Peroxide (2.5%).

Inactive ingredients:
Water, Butylene Glycol, Carbomer, Potassium Sorbate, Phenoxyethanol, Diazolidinyl Urea, Sodium Hydroxide.

The list of ingredients above is provided for informational purposes only. Always check the actual product label in your possession for the most accurate ingredient information due to product changes or upgrades that may not yet be reflected on our web site. Treatment (Benzoyl Peroxide - 2.5%)

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8 oz. Treatment (2.5% Benzoyl Peroxide)
updated: 01/01/1970 00:00 UTC
16 oz. Treatment (2.5% Benzoyl Peroxide)
updated: 01/01/1970 00:00 UTC
3.4 oz. Treatment (2.5% Benzoyl Peroxide)
updated: 01/01/1970 00:00 UTC
- Treatment (Benzoyl Peroxide - 2.5%)

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The best :)
Reviewed on November 20, 2016

Trying a LOT of products (Kiehls', cetaphil, korean brands, clarisonic aria) to try and clear my acne on my forehead and cheeks, it didn't work. I then came across while browsing through youtube videos on how to cure acne. I went to here, and because there were so many good reviews I bought their regime in the smaller size (cleanser, BP, moisturizer). The first few weeks when I applied before bed and the morning after it burnt like crazy. I remembered there was one night my skin was so dry (maybe it was exacerbated because I slept in an air-conditioned room) my skin felt so irritated I got woken up and had to rush to apply more moisturizer. After that, it was fine. But still my skin went red throughout the day and I was starting to worry if i will see any results at all.

I then emailed them about my situation and they immediately gave a fast reply, assuring me it was normal and reminded me to use at the appropriate amount.

so i continued and have been using till today (i bought it around nov 2015). within 3 months or so i've start to see results and soon, the irritating bumps on my forehead is totally gone now and the acne on my cheeks are less inflamed.

overall, really satisfied with their products.

this company, unlike others, doesn't just blatantly promise results. they really aim to achieve it. i heard the boss himself had been thru a rough acne period and that was what motivated him to come up with these products.

their product works, and i recommend you give it a try! (sincerely,honestly, truly)

customer service is good, products work, what more could i ask for. really satisfied with this company and i will continue to purchase in the far future ahead

P.S. oh and i forgot to mention! when the moisturizer arrived the pump was malfunctioning and I emailed them, they IMMEDIATELY asked for my address so they can ship me another! and they even shipped me 2 pumps to ensure I wouldn't face the problem again. How sweet:)

Make my skin red, itchy and sensitive
Reviewed on November 16, 2016

I know most of you here have got good results from BP but I have to say it gave me hives. I had to go to a doctor and get an anti allergy.

Best BP on the market
Reviewed on November 15, 2016

I've been using BP for well over 5 years now and I must say it is truly one of the best BP products out there. The 8 oz. lasts me usually about 2 months give or take which is the best part because no other 2.5% BP out there comes in this size. It doesn't dry me out so much thank goodness and I love how clear it goes on. It leaves no residues nor does it clump up like other BP and goes on clear. I quickly apply it and let is soak in on its own and I'm all set for the day. All in all I have nothing but good things to say about this product. Price and size wise its a great buy. Give it a try!

Used for 4 Years!!
Reviewed on November 10, 2016

Time and time again this stuff proves to be the best. I've used this for almost 4 years and occasionally have tried other products (due to running out of this and not ordering on time). I've tried Image skin care which is twice the price and it doesn't hold a candle to the treatment. I've struggled with acne for almost 10 years and this is the ONLY product that I've found consistent success with. I'll be a lifetime user (well for as long as my acne last, which hopefully isn't a lifetime lol). It'll cause a lot of dryness at first but power through ! Once you get past that initial dryness it makes your skin beautifully clear!

My all-time favorite!
Reviewed on November 8, 2016

This dries clear on my skin. It doesn't leave a white cast on my dark skin and it doesn't interact with my makeup. This is worth every penny!

Add on
Reviewed on November 4, 2016


I'm already on a good skin care routine, can this be used ontop of my skin care just as a spot treatment? I'm worried it will affect my entire routine.

by pinnie on 11/10/2016 17:13
Yes. I don't use the other 2 steps (cleanser and moisturizer) in this product line and I've had great success with this treatment. I use Cetaphil to cleanse, then the treatment, and then a scent free moisturizer and serum. So easy. You'll experience dryness at first but that will fade as you keep using. Great product!
Reviewed on October 29, 2016

I've been using BP for a couple if days now, it's early to tell if I'm getting results even though I think I am, but I'm not experiencing any type of dryness, irritation, flakiness.. at the point that it feels useless to apply moisturizer.

Guess I'm lucky!

by Byowgc on 11/25/2016 22:44
Always add a moisturizer, your skin may begin to dry out over time
Reviewed on October 25, 2016

i started using regimen last month so today makes it the 4th week I have been on the regimen. I really had high hopes for it and now im kinda disappointed. i thought maybe by the 4th week ill notice some sort of difference since my weeding is in 2 weeks time. i dont want to have a pimple infested face for my wedding. I'm so devastated.

by pinnie on 11/10/2016 17:15
It took me 2 months on the regimen to really see results
My review of bp
Reviewed on October 24, 2016

I think benzoyl peroxide is a great solution to get rid of existicing breakouts. However, I believe that in order to fix the main problem of acne, deeper things have to be considered like diet, environvement and lifestyle.

Good Stuff
Reviewed on October 24, 2016

Have been using it for a few weeks now. My face is starting to clear up which is good. It burns like hell, but it seems to be working for me :)