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The Regimen
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The Regimen


8 oz. Cleanser
Water, PEG-80 Sorbitan Laurate, Cocamidopropyl Betaine, Sodium Trideceth Sulfate, Glycerin, Sodium Lauroamphoacetate, PEG-150 Distearate, Sodium Laureth 13 Carboxylate, Disodium Cocamphodiacetate, Butylene Glycol, Sage Extract, Cucumber Extract, White Oak Bark Extract, Panthenol, Allantoin, Acrylates Copolymer, Methylgluceth-20, Polysorbate-20, Quaternium-15, DMDM Hydantoin, Disodium EDTA.

8 oz. Treatment (2.5% Benzoyl Peroxide)
Active Ingredient:
2.5% Benzoyl Peroxide.

Also Contains:
Water, Butylene Glycol, Carbomer, Potassium Sorbate, Phenoxyethanol, Diazolidinyl Urea, Sodium Hydroxide.

8 oz. Moisturizer with Licochalcone
Water, Simmondsia chinensis (Jojoba) Seed Oil, Methyl Gluceth-20, Squalane, Saccharide Isomerate, Butylene Glycol, Sodium Hyaluronate, Glycyrrhiza glabra (Licorice) Root Extract, Panthenol, Tocopheryl Acetate, Cetearyl Alcohol, Sorbitan Olivate, Cetearyl Olivate, PEG-12 Glyceryl Distearate, PEG-23 Glyceryl Distearate, Carbomer, Triethanolamine, Phenoxyethanol, Ethylhexylglycerin.

Items marked with red have tested a 3 or above (out of 5) in comedogenic (pore-clogging) testing.

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The Regimen

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Regimen Kit (1-2 months supply)
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The Regimen

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Amazing results but for how long?
Reviewed on December 29, 2013

I've suffered from acne since the tender age of 13 now 35. I have sensitive combination skin. Very oily in the summer & dry/oily in the winter. Anyone that suffers from Acne knows how it affects our social lives and self esteem. As I grew older and had more money to spend on treating it, I tried OTC products (you name it), proactive (worked for less then a yr), chemical peels (only a temp solution & very expensive), prescription drugs, which didn't help (taxing on your internal health), sodium sulfacetamide 10% and Sulfur 5% cloths. I finally gave the REGIMEN (wondering why my dermatologist never recommended it) a try and it's changed my life. In the first few wks it would burn for a few seconds after applying, drying, peeling, but after two months the changes were amazeballs! I have no signs of acne, cystic acne & even the black heads on my nose are gone. I still get a small zit during that time of the month but thats it & clears away qkly. Normally my skin would flare up everywhere especially on the sides of my face. I recommend this product to everyone, however, knowing your skin helps you determine how much BP to start with. I started with half an index finger length since my face is sensitive. Since my skin can also be naturally oily I don't use much of the moisturizer & only had to use the jojoba oil during the first few wks for the tough peeling/dry days. Jojoba oil is great for my cuticles & other things so I keep it around. There are days that I feel comfortable enough to use a whole index finger length of BP. On days that I'm peeling I use a facial brush while I cleanse with the regimen cleanser. This helps loosen up your peeling flakes & cell turnover (once a month)'s been about 8+ months of using the regimen religiously and exactly. My main concern now is how long will this miracle last and does your skin eventually become immune to the BP? Please comment below if you've been using this for over a yr & still loving it. Thx

Update: after about 6 months of using these products I have noticed rash type bumps all over my forehead and face. I tried giving my face a break and it just went crazy! I am now back to searching for something else because it appears that this can be harsh. Your skin will also act out immediately after you stop.

Best treatment ever
Reviewed on February 25, 2014

I am 37 and have suffered from acne since I was a teenager. I was able to keep it under control using the birth control pil, but when I stopped taking it with a view to getting pregnant, my acne surfaced again after a couple of months. I never expected to still have acne at 37 and it really affected my self esteem. I was feeling terrible, avoided to go out as much as possible, and it came to a point where I considered getting back on birth control, simply because I felt so bad about myself. I don't know how I stumbled across the website, but I wish I had done so 20 years ago. I tried the regimen and it worked wonders for me. To be honest, I did consider quitting a few times since it did get worse before it got better, but I kept coming back to the site, reading the reviews, and after about 4 weeks, my skin had already cleared up a lot. It isn't perfect yet, but it is better than it has ever been, so even if it doesn't improve anymore, I am the happiest person. My skin is still pretty dry/red/flakey, but I have recently started using glycerine (mixed with water) and this has helped a great deal. So to those of you out there who have tried everything, I can only recommend that you give this a try. It'll be hard at times, but just think about why you started using the product to begin with. This may just be the one thing that finally works. I have never bothered to write a product review, simply because they were never worth it, but with this one I really felt I owed it to everyone out there.

Reviewed on February 24, 2014

I have been using the Regimen for about two months now. I know its early on in the process, but I noticed not many reviews are about this stage so I decided to do one. The first week for me actually was fine, no dryness, no itchiness, nothing. Then on the second week my skin got really dry (as said). It was peeling and the moisturizer did not help. I wear foundation on a daily basis so I couldn't wear it for that week or so because mine skin was so dry, miserable.This lasted for a few weeks but went away. Slowly, I have noticed some clearing in my skin. The redness has not really decreased, but new pimples aren't forming either. I notice that if I go a night where I forget to apply the Regimen, I get a few small pimples. So I know its definitely doing something. I can tell that it is really helping my skin. Fingers crossed to be totally clear!

Amazing...changed my life!
Reviewed on February 19, 2014

I never write reviews but this product is absolutely amazing. Not only do you see results fast but now its been three months and my skin is perfectly clear and soft, it's better than its ever been! I LOVE LOVE LOVE it!

Reviewed on February 15, 2014

This stuff is AMAZING only if you use it properly. I have never ever wrote a review on anything but I feel the need to now. I'm 20 years old. Have been suffering from acne since the age of 13. I have literally tried everything from searching on the Internet, recommendation from friends and obviously weekly visits to the doctors. Nothing lasted long. Another thing to take in to accoun is that I'm vey impatient. I ordered te regimen about a year and a half ago. The full kit. I used it for two weeks and when it used to be itchy or drying I did not use it sumtimes 1 whole day or 2 nights in a row. My acne looked worse. I thougt this is not workin for me and I threw them away . Three weeks ago my acne was the worst it has ever been I started searching for products again an didn't even have enough money. I kept coming across and thought to myself let's give it another try and follow it strictly . I can honestly say it's doing a great job I can't wait till my face is fully clear.

Quick and effective!
Reviewed on February 15, 2014

If i can give you one piece of advice it would be to buy this product TODAY.

I'm 16 and recently i realized that eating healthy, being a vegetarian, and exercising was not enough to keep my skin clear. For the first time in my life i had severe acne across my forehead and temples, and it sucked! I tried putting odd concoctions on my face, honey, toothpaste, all of which never worked. So i did my research, read helpful reviews, then found and bought this product 5 weeks ago. My face has gone from looking like a war-zone to being almost completely clear. Instead of getting 5 breakouts a day, i get almost 2 a week! The only downside is that this product is harsh on sensitive skin, and requires LOTS of moisturizing. If you don't moisturize and exfoliate your skin will peal, trust me i learned the hard way. But considering all the pros, this product is definitely worth a try, even if you don't like it there is a money back guarantee. What's the worst that could happen?

I hate to think where i would be if i didn't have this product.

This Stuff Works...FAST!!!
Reviewed on February 12, 2014

The regimen is the only thing that has ever worked for me, and believe me I have tried everything! I was so tired of living with adult acne and so glad to have finally found something that really works! I did go through the dry, flaky skin the first week or two, but once my skin adjusted to the treatment I saw a world of difference. I was surprised at how fast the change came about. I use the moisturizer and cleanser twice a day - in the morning and at night. I only use the treatment at night and I use the AHA+ at night too, but only about once a week. This is what works best for my skin so that it does not get so dry (I have dry skin anyway). I have been on the regimen for almost a year now; I wish I would have known about it sooner. All three products are awesome and I cannot live without them!!

love love'
Reviewed on February 9, 2014

I had acne since I was 15, I tried a lot of products such as olay, netrogena, etc. it was mild acne compared to most, but I still get cystic acne here & there and deep rooted pimple that never came to the surface. I tried just about everything until the regimen, I was skeptical at first because I didn't want to waste my money but I rather spend $50-70 on clearing my acne than wasting more on products that didn't work. I'm only about a week in and seriously! all my acne have dried up, I have a scars. I still get small

pimples that goes away in a day. The first 3-4 days were horrible, my skin was dry and tight. Make up didn't look flawless but hey, it's the process you have to go through. I know a lot of people experienced flakiness but so far a week in I haven't since my acne is not that bad I rub my face while using the cleanser a little rougher than Daniel kern instructed also I lessen the BP use because I didn't have acne everywhere just on my cheeks and a small part of forehead. ( I have dry skin before the regimen ) Hopefully my skin returns back to normal without the acne so I can apply my make up flawlessly! I absolutely love this regimen, it gave me confidence to wear no make up of course after my scars clear up as well and it's only been a week! It also helped me keep a routine in washing my face day and night.

Reviewed on February 3, 2014

It's only been one week using this product and I'm already extremely happy with the results I'm getting. The tiny little bumps I had all over my face are slowly smoothing out. I have a few active breakouts around the side of my face and on my cheeks but it's nothing I can't deal with. The redness, itchiness, and dryness is starting but it's not horrible yet. So far so good! if this is what it's like only a week in I seriously can not wait until I've been using it for a few months.

My second experience using the regimen
Reviewed on February 1, 2014

For the record, I have never wrote a review or took the time to share my experience with any product online because I never felt that it was worth the experience, but I have most defiantly seen a huge change in my skin since using this product and really want to confirm to any non-believers or skeptics that they should either try this out or continue using the regimen even if they haven't seen the results yet. When I was 14 and a freshman in high school I had an occasional breakout here and there either somewhere on my cheek or my forehead, these were just tiny small zits and went away rather quickly naturally. A couple months into the year I not only gained the freshman five or whatever they call it putting on some weight from eating the vending machine junk, I also gained a ton of zits all over my cheeks. They seemed to appear overnight it seems. I continued taking care of my skin the way I always had thinking that they would probably just go away on their own. I can't specifically remember my skin care routine at the time because I was a teen with little to no problems with having flawless young skin. I probably just washed my face with whatever drugstore facial wash my mom put in the bathroom at the time. Anyway, my cheeks broke out and after a while I simply just got use to having them and dealt with it. I had never used foundation, and now on occasion I would use some to cover up. I don't remember constantly picking my face but now I am left with slightly enlarged pores (nothing horrible) and acne scarring or marks here and there.(nothing that cant be covered) My main concern is that I always have hyperpigmentation marks after the breakout that never goes away!! At 22 since my years as a teen the breakouts got worst, they spread from the cheeks to around my chin area and even some around my nose. I started having cystic acne which is under the skin and impossibly painful if you hit it by accident as well as whiteheads and swollen red spots. I can tell you dealing with this so long that I have tried many many products and the majority of them did very little to nothing at all except irritate my skin and break me out further. My only hope like many women is to just cake on the foundation and concealer and hide behind it. Sure the make up hides everything and I look good but its always a terrifying experience to sleep over a friends house and you want to sleep in your make up to avoid the stares. A couple years ago I came along this product and began using it for about a week. My skin got red and burned and began to peel. The reason I stopped was because I had to go out one day with a friend, put the make up over it and it just looked terrible with all the dead skin. I got very embarrassed and quickly dumped the product the next day thinking Id rather just deal with the acne rather than the sensitive red skin. Big mistake! A lot of people never see the results they want on the regimen much like going on a diet because they expect quick easy results. The truth is these things simply take time and patience. You must go through the redness and peeling and dry skin, just do it because I swear it will get better if you continue the regimen the way he suggest. This is my second time using the regimen. I am currently on my 23rd day. I have been pretty consistent with using it the way he tells me but there are days where I messed up a little and got left with a breakout (the breakout was very small and only slightly red this time). The first week is torture because your skin is so red. The most important thing to remember in the beginning is to stick to the right amount of benzoyl peroxide. If you don't use it you MUST start with the small amount he suggests. This is vital, do not assume that if you just start slapping two pumps on from the beginning that your skin will heal faster. WRONG. Your skin will only be more dry, more red, and more sensitive. By the second week you can up your dosage. At some point you will be using the full two pumps twice a day everyday. Almost a week into my use of the regimen my acne had gone down slightly. Skin was still very red and flaky. Although I hated it I tried to avoid using any make up on my face as much as possible, I simply would go out and make a run with my crazy red face and deal with it. You have to be confident on this regimen that these side effects will subside. They will!! ( the timing of results only depend on your skin, how you use the regimen, and patience) By the second week I barley had any active acne, but a lot of redness, peeling, and hyperpigmentation( basically looks like acne from far away so its almost like still having acne everywhere for me) Day 16 I purchased jojoba oil. This is safe to use on regimen. Look up more reviews on it if your unsure about putting something with the word oil in it on your face. Its safe though. I used some jojoba oil mixed in with my moisturizer two times a day and more moisturizer through out the day if I feel really super dry. Just make sure your hands are clean and you barely touch your face and you'll be fine. The jojoba has very much helped with the dryness and well as redness and irritation.(not over night, give it a few days to a week) I believe it even has helped with the hyperpigmentation which has drastically subsided since the beginning of my third week. The past couple days my skin has become less flaky (still dry in certain areas) less red and when I put the two pumps of benzoyl peroxide on my skin it finally does not sting when I let it dry. My skin is not completely clear yet. I still have some dry areas from the benzoyl (my skin is still adjusting) and some hyperpigmentation on my cheeks (this take time to fade) but I believe the jojoba has helped it fade out and will continue to. Either way I have only been using this for 23 days so I'm not disappointed at all with the current results, actually the effects have been pretty fast and realistic. I have no active acne at all. I actually went out to a restaurant today without any foundation and I felt totally comfortable with the slight imperfections. I felt normal for once in my life since I was fourteen. I'm so happy with this product. I am going to wait till I'm finished with the month and try adding a slight tiny amount of AHA for the rest of the peeling and dryness of my face. No matter where your at with this regimen please don't give up. Keep using it, you will look back on the purging process and be happy you stuck through it. I keep a journal of my progress to motivate myself.. If you ever have those days where you feel very doubtful just keep going to this site and reading success stories and positive video reviews!! Best of luck!!!! (And do your research, read this site religiously for information when in doubt)