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Jojoba Oil (100% Organic).

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8 oz. Organic Jojoba Oil
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- Organic Jojoba Oil

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Burns, Charleston, SC
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Reviewed on March 24, 2012

Another great product from, thanks Dan!

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Paula, Kandahar, Afghanistan
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Reviewed on March 24, 2012

I never in a million years would think to put oil on my already oily skin. , And I have REALLY oily skin.I made sure and did my research too because as Dan stated they aren't doctors...everything seemed to check out some. I add about 4 drops of this to the Moisturizer and I I have to say that i think this oil helps with my oil production. The flakiness is gone and although my skin still has its oily tendancies...I'd have to say that it hasn't been as bad. Oily skin is a blessing and a curse...the curse for me is acne of course and the shinyness but the blessing is I age very well. I'm 31 and I look like i'm in my early twenties.

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Kat, Midwest
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Reviewed on March 15, 2012

This product is AMAZING. I have tried everything in the books to cure my acne. Once I added this oil to my moisturizer every morning and evening, my skin is the clearest its been in 5 years. I don't normally review products, but this one works!

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Anonymous, Gainesville, FL
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Reviewed on March 3, 2012

Like many acne sufferers, I was skeptical about putting oil on my acne-prone skin. But this has really been a great product.

It moisturizes and soothes irritated skin and helps the dryness associated with BP and other acne treatments.

I like to use it in my hair once a week or so, in place of a deep conditioner because I don't have to worry about this getting on my skin. As a result, I find that I get less acne around my hairline.

I also use it all over my body, which can be really nice in the winter, when everything is so dry!

Reviewed on January 19, 2012

I'm still not completely sold on the idea of using jojoba oil as my only cleanser or moisturizer. I do want to use more natural products-- I've had acne for 12 yrs now & my skin shows it. I think my skin wants a break from all the chemical/processed products I've put in/on my body/face. So I guess I really want this product to work, in whatever way is best.

This is my 2nd attempt at using jojoba as a cleanser & moisturizer, and I've gotten about 4 cysts on my cheek in the last few days, which is rare for me. I'm not going to give up yet, though. The best advice I can offer is from something I read: jojoba is similar to sebum, so it can deep clean your pores; BUT this is a 2-way street: it can bring things IN your pores just as effectively. This is why I've chosen not to use it as a make-up remover, and to be very careful about using it when my face is at all dirty or or oozing. (Sorry to be graphic, but I think it is an important point many ppl are overlooking).

Bottom line: only use when your face and hands are completely clean; don't use in excess-- be smart about it! It works wonders for flakey patches of dry skin on the face, elbows, feet, Also is an amazing hair conditioner. Sometimes I leave it in overnight and wash/condition as usual in the AM.

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Anonymous, Florida
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Reviewed on December 13, 2011

I would suggest AHA instead of jojoba to moisturize. This helps if you have small areas you want to specifically target. But to use all over the face leaves it very oil. It did not help my face for flakiness from BP.

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Tom, Manchester
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Reviewed on November 8, 2011

Maybe this oil works on certain types of skin but i would warn anyone with oily skin who is considering purchasing jojoba oil not to, as contrary to what other reviews on this site claim its basically like throwing petrol over a burning fire.

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Anonymous, Florida
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Reviewed on November 5, 2011

excellent all natural product for a really reasonable price, cant beat that!

Reviewed on October 31, 2011

This stuff is so great, I recommend it to anybody. I am on Dan's regimen, and I always add extra jojoba oil to the moisturizer. It literally keeps my face looking moisturized all day and all night. You need to try this stuff if you have dry skin. Even when I use a crap load and my face LOOKs greasy, and feels great ( I can always tell if a product is blocking my pores).

Reviewed on October 28, 2011

OK I've experimented with this, I've been on the regimen for years. I was doing great except I wanted more a more moisturizing product to keep my skin from drying up during the day. I've used 6 drops every morning and night, mixing with my favorite moisturizer. I've used up almost the whole bottle now, took almost a year. At first I thought it was working, I was on the regimen of course, and it helped keep my skin from over-drying after the BP treatment which was a plus, but I still experienced acne every once in a week at least. One day, my skin was clear and I finally decided to go all natural and use only jojoba oil and my moisturizer. After two weeks, I experienced horrible cystic breakouts, pores were clogged (I could definitely see it). I went back on the regimen but still experienced break outs, I didn't know what was going wrong. I stopped using it for a few days and I see now that I'm clearing up a lot better... so I concluded that it clogged my pores. It took a lot of frustration and trial/error to realize this. I totally don't recommend putting this on your face... now I guess I'll just use this oil to grease up my hair clipper. I give it two stars only because it helps with dried out skin, but overall made my acne worse without me knowing.