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Jojoba Oil (100% Organic).

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8 oz. Organic Jojoba Oil
updated: 01/01/1970 00:00 UTC
- Organic Jojoba Oil

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Reviewed on November 5, 2011

excellent all natural product for a really reasonable price, cant beat that!

Reviewed on October 31, 2011

This stuff is so great, I recommend it to anybody. I am on Dan's regimen, and I always add extra jojoba oil to the moisturizer. It literally keeps my face looking moisturized all day and all night. You need to try this stuff if you have dry skin. Even when I use a crap load and my face LOOKs greasy, and feels great ( I can always tell if a product is blocking my pores).

Reviewed on October 28, 2011

OK I've experimented with this, I've been on the regimen for years. I was doing great except I wanted more a more moisturizing product to keep my skin from drying up during the day. I've used 6 drops every morning and night, mixing with my favorite moisturizer. I've used up almost the whole bottle now, took almost a year. At first I thought it was working, I was on the regimen of course, and it helped keep my skin from over-drying after the BP treatment which was a plus, but I still experienced acne every once in a week at least. One day, my skin was clear and I finally decided to go all natural and use only jojoba oil and my moisturizer. After two weeks, I experienced horrible cystic breakouts, pores were clogged (I could definitely see it). I went back on the regimen but still experienced break outs, I didn't know what was going wrong. I stopped using it for a few days and I see now that I'm clearing up a lot better... so I concluded that it clogged my pores. It took a lot of frustration and trial/error to realize this. I totally don't recommend putting this on your face... now I guess I'll just use this oil to grease up my hair clipper. I give it two stars only because it helps with dried out skin, but overall made my acne worse without me knowing.

Reviewed on August 25, 2011

I have mixed feelings about this product. I really wanted to love this product, but it sadly broke me out with really inflamed spots. I also noticed clogged whiteheads. Some might say it's because of purging, but once I stopped using it my skin got better. Although it's not suppose to be comedogenic, I would be cautious with using this if you have sensitive skin. It did however, make my dry patches of skin smoother when mixed in with my moisturizer, but made me look greasy so I only used it at night. The bottle is really big so it'll probably last forever. Instead of using it on my face now, I use it to remove eye makeup, clean and recondition my makeup brushes since jojoba has antibacterial properties. Overall, not recommended for sensitive skin, but it's multifunctional, so I guess if you try it on your skin and it doesn't work out, you can find another reason to use it so it's not wasted.

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Reviewed on June 7, 2011

Great product, really bad packaging.

Start slow, with a drop or two and then move up if you need to. Daniel uses 6 drops, but that makes me look like an oil slick. I use more at night and less in the morning to make sure that I don't look oily during the day.

Reviewed on May 13, 2011

This stuff is amazing. I apply almost day and night, I use it in my face wash. I also use it in my moisturizer. This stuff is great. It leaves my skin super soft. It has also been helping with my uneven skin tone, and alleviate post acne red marks. My friends love it too.

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Reviewed on May 12, 2011

The best thing about jojoba oil is that it won't clog pores, so you can just rub it everywhere and see what works.

Some of the things I use it for:

Hair conditioner

After shave


You don't have to use a lot of it, 6 drops should be enough for your entire face. It should last you over 5 months.

The only beef I have with this is the cap. The cap allows you to dispense small drops, which is great. BUT after I used it for a few days, the whole bottle became covered in a thin layer of oil. It got to the point where I have to use the oil that leaked out of the bottle more than the oil inside the bottle.

Hopefully they can fix the packaging because it's super irritating (at least to me) right now.

Reviewed on May 4, 2011

Highly recommend. It has multiple uses and is a great moisturizer, especially in humid areas where less is more : )

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Reviewed on April 20, 2011

I absolutely love this product! I use it for everything on a daily basis! The best part is that a little goes a long way! I paid about $20 including shipping but it was way worth it!

Reviewed on April 1, 2011

This is a huge bottle of organic jojoba for an excellent price. You really only need a tiny bit for it to work. Fabulous!