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Jojoba Oil (100% Organic).

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8 oz. Organic Jojoba Oil
updated: 01/01/1970 00:00 UTC

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Reviewed on March 1, 2011

I was buying Jojoba oil at Whole Foods before I discovered what a great value this bottle is. And it's organic! Not all the Jojoba oils out there say organic on the bottle. I would get half as much for about double the price. I use this in so many part of Dan's regimen, I use it as a body moisturizer after a shower and even run a little through my hair every couple of days. This will be a staple with my skin care forever!

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Reviewed on January 24, 2011

My skin was feeling tight an hour after moisturizing alone with the regimen. This stuff seems to keep my skin from feeling tight and reduces the flaking when applied.

Reviewed on November 24, 2010

I did a little calculating and realized that the little 30 mL bottle of jojoba oil I was buying for $6 at Market of Choice was incredibly expensive compared to Dan's jojoba oil. If I were to buy 8 oz. of jojoba oil at MoC, it would cost me more than $50. From Dan, it costs me $17. That's a drastic, drastic price difference. Oh, and Dan's jojoba oil is much easier to dispense than the stuff in the annoying broad-lipped bottle.

Above and beyond that, jojoba oil is its own little miracle product. It is noncomedogenic, it softens skin and evens complexion and it reduces post-acne marks. I mix a little with my moisturizer in the morning and put on a lot at night. I wake up every morning to glowing skin. I couldn't ask for more.

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Reviewed on November 21, 2010

Let me begin by saying this is without a doubt one of the best products I have ever used, for so many different reasons. I had read Dan's claim that he feels the Jojoba oil actually regulates his skin's own oil production and I was just perplexed. How could slathering more oil onto your face possibly make your skin LESS oily!? I don't know why or how, but it really does! And I have super oily skin.

I apply it as my nighttime moisturizer after BP and let it soak in overnight and in the morning my skin is so soft and just looks great! Yes, it makes skin very shiny for several hours. Obviously that's not really an issue at night because you're just going to bed anyway, but in the morning it can be problematic and I know a lot of other reviewers have mentioned this as a con for them.

However, if this is the issue that hinders you from using this product, try doing this:

In the mornings, I let the oil soak in for as long as I can manage, usually only about 10 minutes (we all have stuff to do and places to be and there's just no way a normal person has time to let it totally soak in during the a.m.) Then I use a translucent mineral finishing powder all over my face to soak up the oily shininess. Since you're using a translucent dust, the oil will be absorbed without adding any color/makeupy look to your skin, which makes it a perfect solution for guys too! Then you have a nice matte base ready to apply makeup onto if you choose or if you just want to go natural, you are shine-free! Just be sure to wash your makeup brushes frequently!

I love this stuff, I just cannot say enough about this product!

Reviewed on November 15, 2010

For those of you who broke out - how many "drops" were you using? I began with one drop at a time, and see how it felt and reacted on my skin. Everybody's skin is different and not everyone's skin is going to agree well with using 7+ drops. Mine is good with 3 drops mixed in with a pea size amount with my regular moisturizer. Anything more and my skin has a negative reaction to it. It's all about finding the right amount for you.

Also, this product is GREAT for using on the legs, ladies ;) I have gotten quite compliments on how smooth my legs are, heh heh!

Reviewed on November 6, 2010

I stopped using jojoba oil as a moisturiser after a week because it made my acne worse.

Reviewed on October 31, 2010

I've used jojoba oil for a couple years, and it's been awesome. However, just recently I made it the only moisturizer I use. There's something so mild but nourishing about jojoba ... it's so agreeable, and it makes my skin look so good ... I highly recommend it to anyone. I started applying it with a technique from a cool long-hair-care forum ... which has made me love-LOVE this healthy product. In short, I pour about one tablespoon of this jojoba oil into a little 3-ounce spray bottle (from the drugstore) then add about a tablespoon of filtered tap water, a teaspoon of Fruit of the Earth aloe vera gel, and one drop of pure glycerin ... also from the drugstore. Then I shake the spray bottle until the ingredients are mixed, do a test spray on my hand to ensure that I'll be getting a super-fine mist, and then I mist my whole face: That's it! In my opinion, this jojoba oil spray has been absolutley central to my going from chronically broken-out skin to literally perfect skin ... which feels like a real miracle. I mist my face with this jojoba mix about five or six times a day: Once after both of my Regimen wash/BP applications, and then a few times a day when my skin feels dry, or I want my face to feel refreshed, cooled, or temporarily look dewy. (The jojoba does make me look a bit shiny for about half an hour before it soaks in and looks normal.) Another benefit to this application is that I no longer struggle with feeling like I'm smearing BP off of my face when I moisturize. Also, since getting serious about the Regimen, I've become almost superstitious about touching my own face ... so I try to touch my face as little as possible. Misting with jojoba helps me touch my face fewer times throughout the day. I do go through a heck of a lot of jojoba this way, but I don't care because it's just that perfect. Good stuff.

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Reviewed on October 4, 2010

I use jojoba for all kinds of things. I add some to Dan's moisturizer (or even put it on straight) when my face is particularly dry. You just have to be careful not to use to much, or you will be shiny. I use it as a makeup remover. I use it to moisturize my lips and hands. I use it as a massage oil. I add it to warm water and lemon juice and soak my hands in it as part of a manicure.

My by gripe: The top leaks. The bottle is always covered in oil. (I hate to think what would happen if I packed this in a suitcase.) There is something gross (probably bacteria) growing in the hinge part of the cap where I can't get it clean. There is also stuff floating in the oil, which I'm guessing is also bacteria. Gross! The next bottle I buy will be decanted into a bottle that seals properly.

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Reviewed on September 27, 2010

I have been doing the regimen for a while now and I think I might be allergic to BP because my skin is just as red, irritated, dry, itchy, tight and flaky as the first day I tried it and I use such a small amount so for the past week I have been cleansing and mixing this jojoba oil in with my moisturizer and completely took out the BP step and I have actually been having great results, my skin is less oily, the flakes are gone, my complexion is more even, my skin looks smoother and my existing acne is going away, all in all I absolutely love this jojoba oil and will continue my own regimen:)