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Active Ingredient:
Benzoyl Peroxide (2.5%).

Inactive ingredients:
Water, Butylene Glycol, Carbomer, Potassium Sorbate, Phenoxyethanol, Diazolidinyl Urea, Sodium Hydroxide.

The list of ingredients above is provided for informational purposes only. Always check the actual product label in your possession for the most accurate ingredient information due to product changes or upgrades that may not yet be reflected on our web site. Treatment (Benzoyl Peroxide - 2.5%)

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8 oz. Treatment (2.5% Benzoyl Peroxide)
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16 oz. Treatment (2.5% Benzoyl Peroxide)
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3.4 oz. Treatment (2.5% Benzoyl Peroxide)
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- Treatment (Benzoyl Peroxide - 2.5%)

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Best BP
Reviewed on June 11, 2013

When i first started the regimen i didn't want to spend $45 on Dan's products and i also didn't know if BP was gonna help so i bought the BP from the drugstore as well as everything else. The drugstore BP was amazing as it helped clear my acne tremendously, the only reason it wasn't completely cleared is because i only did it ones a day. The BP is 100 times better because it spreads easier and gets absorbed faster and also when i used the drugstore one it dried white and came off with the moisturize, this BP has not dried me out as i use it in conjunction with the moisturizer (i have dry skin). Also some people say the BP doesn't work for them but there might be a reason. my friend was using BP and it did nothing for her but when she used salicylic acid it was wonderful for her but it did nothing for me. so just remember everyone's skin is different and maybe you should try the regimen just substitute the BP for salicylic acid and see how it works for you. Good luck :)

Love it
Reviewed on June 11, 2013

I have been using this for 6 months and its the only thing that has worked for me. Previously was on minocycline for 2 years, tazorac, benzaclin, epiduo differin and clyndomycin etc. Decided to give it a try when the new year started, it is june now and I have the cleared skin since it all started. I bought the whole kit at first, but then decided the treatment is the most important part. It goes on nicely, you don't really need to use quite as much as it recommends, I have been using 1 finger length morning and night at it works well for me. Seriously thy this, give it a good 2-3 month and you should see significant improvement. My sis loves it too!!

10% Benzoyl Peroxide Lotion/Cream Treatment (store generics)
Reviewed on June 10, 2013

This is not a cure for acne. In fact, I only recommend this product to those experiencing mild to fairly mild breakouts or those who very rarely get any breakouts. Great for spot treating those extra inflamed pimples. I HIGHLY recommend the 10% version of this. You can get it for under six bucks if you spend a couple minutes digging for it through the store's generic brands.

by NooraatDubai on 06/30/2013 17:44
You are so right about the extra sensitive skin! My skin is really sensitive and it really burn when I put it on, I hope it's nothing serious!
Thanks Dan!
Reviewed on June 8, 2013

This helped me clear up substantially! Thank you Dan for your regimen. I have fairly sensitive skin so I use only 1 pump on my face and 1/2 pump on my neck twice daily. I still flake in many areas even with using half of the recommended amount. It took about 6 months for my face to clear and my skin to look normal (not red and scaly) after starting the regimen. I disagree with those who state "slathering chemicals on your face doesn't work" because for me, it was the only option. I grew up eating well, stayed away from dairy my entire life (I am lactose intolerant), and drinking only water and green tea, and I still got moderately severe acne on my face, chest, and back.

Not good as a long-term product
Reviewed on June 7, 2013

Acne type: Moderate to moderate sever

The Benzoyl Peroxide Treatment was somewhat effective for the first several weeks that I used it. The Regimen required a smaller amount of BP to be used at first and then slowly amping up the dosage. My skin cooperated well with the small dosage of BP during the first three weeks. However, the BP started giving my skin problems the fourth week and all the time afterwards.

First of all, the BP totally dulled my skin. The BP gave my skin kind of a gray cast on my face, rather than a natural healthier glow on my skin. I wish that the BP had some sort of extra ingredient where it would "renew" the skin where the acne was to reduce scarring. This probably was due to the fact that the BP was drying even with the moisturizer I applied afterwards. My skin was not necessarily face just looked like dead skin was laying on top of it. BP may be effective for the actual acne, but it is indeed harsh for the skin around it unfortunately. So for me personally, BP is not worth the damage.

In addition, all of my acne scars have not disappeared. I used this product for 4 months consistently. This product may prevent future breakout, but it does not clear up the skin completely.

Cannot rave enough!!
Reviewed on June 2, 2013

What a life saver! About 8 months ago I started to have the worst acne of my life. It was so bad I was even prescribed oral antibiotics. Break outs so painful it hurt to wash my face. I tried everything.. it was so embarrassing to be suffering like this mid twenties. I was also prescribed a 10% BP wash, which actually irritated my face because I have sensitive skin and rosacea to make matters worse. One of my friends had been using this product and she recommended it to me. I was like psshh I don't believe it, proactive has he same ingredient and it didn't work. So, she gave me a little bit in a travel bottle and I put it on twice a day and tried my hardest to stop touching my face. I liked it so much I ordered the treatment and the wash. Four months later my skin is completely clear and the scars are finally starting to fade out.

Reviewed on May 14, 2013 Benzoyl Peroxide is the best BP product I've tried. I used it for about 3 years. The problem that I faced and the reason I stopped using it was because I started getting occasional cystic acne around my chin and jaw line after 2 years of use. The rest of my face was doing quite well. Had very few if any whiteheads and regular zits. I stopped using Benzoyl Peroxide when I moved to France, where it isn't legal over the counter, anywhere in the EU for that matter. I decided I wasn't comfortable using a product that has caused cancer in animals, or stains my clothes, towels, and sheets. Since going off Benz. Peroxide, I haven't had any cystic acne, but my face is more clogged overall, my forehead isn't as clear as it used to be. I am in the process of searching for an alternative that combats my oily/shiny skin and keeps away whiteheads/small zits.

Reviewed on May 13, 2013

Short term use - amazing

Long term cost:

Stops working after a few years

thins skin resulting in easily damaged skin

dependent, cant stop using, horrible breakouts when you do

alter skins ph permanently

scars and melasma that wont go away after a year :(:(:(:(:(:( NEVER HAD THIS BEFORE

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Reviewed on May 3, 2013

Absolutely the best product I have tried for acne. It cleared completely my skin in less than a month! It burned a bit and dried my skin in the beginning, but I started using the jojoba oil after applying the product and no longer suffer any of these side effects. I just want to make certain that people understand that I did have severe acne and that not even prescription antibiotics helped as much as this product did. I am extremely pleased with the overall results and will recommend it to all those who suffer acne.

Reviewed on April 28, 2013

This is the best product ever. I highly recommend for everyone. As soon as I started using it, I could see the result of it. It would peels your face a little bit, but it is worth it the result.